Summer Weekends in Paris

July 14 – July 16

As promised, here are five more hot tips for the Summer ahead but there is so much inspiration on Mama Loves Paris. Take some time to discover great ways to enjoy this city with your family. Explore the parks, go fishing with the kids, dive into the open pools. Whatever takes your fancy there is sure to something here that floats your boat!

For the next 48 hours though, the celebrations of July 14 are dominating the festivities  – this is what you need to know.

Bastille Day

Celebrating the revolution that occurred here over 300 years ago, July 14 is a Parisian Party steeped in history. Every consideration is given attention, to ensure that events around the city maximise the enjoyment for visitors and city dwellers. The march on the Champs Elysee is an annual staple as are the fireworks at the Eiffel Tower. Take part in this historic event with the family for a real French Fete experience. For more information check out our detailed post on Bastille Day.

Firemans Ball

If you follow us on Facebook you would have seen the hot photo of French fireman that we posted for Mothers Day earlier this year!

Well, you’ll have the chance to get up close and personal with them at this annual event in the city. Basically, several fire stations throughout Paris host parties with dancefloor, lots of music and a bar. The partying goes on from around 9pm until 4am in the morning. It’s a super fun and jovial atmosphere and the events are usually packed with revellers. It is a staple event of the year and these spaces are normally not open to the public so it’s a special one-off and perhaps one not to be missed. Here is where the parties are at!


Barracks ROUSSEAU (8 ° Cie) / 21, rue du Jour / The 13th and 14th of July in the evening


Barracks SEVIGNE (11 ° Cie) / 07-09, rue de Sévigné / On the 13th and 14th of July in the evening


Barracks of the Arena of Lutetia (29 ° Cie) / 47-59, rue Monge / July 13 in the evening

Barracks COLOMBIER (4 ° Cie) / 11, rue du Vieux Colombier / On the 13th and 14th of July in the evening


Barracks GRENELLE (6 ° Cie) / 06, place Violet – 15e / On the 13th and 14th of July in the evening

BOURSAULT Barracks (20 ° and 9 ° Cie) / 27, rue Boursault / 17e / On the 13th of July in the evening


Caserne BLANCHE (7 ° Cie) / 28, rue Blanche / The evening of 13 July

MONTMARTRE barracks (20 ° and 9 ° Cie) / 12, rue Carpeaux / The evening of 13 July


Barracks CHALIGNY (1 ° Cie) / 26, rue de Chaligny / The 13th and 14th of July in the evening

PORT-ROYAL barracks (3 ° Cie) / 53-55, Boulevard Port-Royal / July 13 and 14 in the evening

MASSENA barracks (19 ° and 2 ° Cie) / 37, Boulevard Masséna / The evening of 13 July


Barracks BITCHE (10 ° Cie) / 2, place de Bitche / The 13th of July in the evening

Barracks MENILMONTANT (12 ° Cie) / 47, rue Saint-Fargeau / The evening of July 13

The Fireworks

So the big fireworks display that is going to be kicking off this weekend deserves a sepêrate mention actually. It lasts 30 minutes and takes place at the Eiffel Tower. It will no doubt be totally epic and MLP plans to be there to film and share with those of you who don’t get the chance to experience it. The sequence will have its own soundtrack, opening up to Starwars – The Force Awakens! Even a Franck Sinatra numbers will factor into the mix! It’s a memory in the making so don’t miss i, people.

In other news

Music Moment

There will be a free concert taking place in Jardin du Luxembourg by musicians from the Guardians of Peace who are somehow linked to the police force here. Their website states that the show starts at 6pm, so this could be a nice and chilled picnic moment with a soundtrack on tap for the occasion. Takes place July 14th too.

Dior Exhibition

This is the exhibition that everyone is talking about and quite frankly, missing it does not seem like an option! MLP went to review it juat a couple of days after it opened and it is definitely worth going to see. The history of this fashion house is been talked about all over the press. You can read our review and book your tickets online to queue jump your way to the front! Book it now mamas, make it happen.

Have a great weekend and we recommend you check out our past 4 posts on what to do each week in Paris over the Summer as so many of our recommendations are still relevant.

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