April in Paris 2016

A little inspiration for the start of the Spring season

It’s the 4th month of the year already! Winter is behind us and we can feel the presence of Spring in the air! Can’t help listening to Ella Fitzgerald and Louie Armstrong singing ‘April in Paris’ when March draws to a close…MLP just so loves that song! Here’s Ella’s solo live rendition!

Hopefully this beautiful tune will get you in the mood and encourage you, to venture into the city to explore and discover what’s on offer, amongst the “chestnuts and blossoms”. Here is Mamas best selections – hope you find something wonderful to enjoy with you family and friends.

New Lego Store

Hurrah! Lego is opening a new store slap bang in the centre of Paris! The doors officially open on April 5 at Les Halles, 101 Rue Berger, to be precise! There’s a cool playground nearby too, so you can make a day of it!


There is a phenomenal circus show on at the Bobino Theatre, packed with mind-blowing April in Parisacrobatics. It’s a global sensation – could be worth visiting! It’s on until April 23!

Horsing Around!

Horse lovers, you get the chance to discover a new horse show at the Great Stables called Metamorphoses at the Chantilly Estate from April 3 until October 23. Plus more cantering action at the Racetrack at St Cloud and Auteuil, every Sunday until April 17. At Les Dimaches au Galop you can enjoy horse racing , horse and pony shows and loads of family designed fun.

Chantilly Estate – 11 Rue du Connétable, 60500 Chantilly

A Royal Food Fest

April in ParisThe Cultural Festival brings you an extensive culinary experience which includes cooking classes and kiddy food workshops plus special meals for your tasting pleasure. You have three days to enjoy this event. It runs from April 2 to 4….oh and Italian cuisine is the theme. The basics are FREE including entry so take advantage. PS: There is a special Pizza baking section…all secrets revealed.

The Bastille Design Centre – 74 Boulevard Richard Lenoir, Paris 11.

The Baby Show

If you are expecting, or have little ones and you’re working out what you need and why you need it – then you might want to immerse yourself in an expo, designed just for you. Family advice, baby toys, devices and equipment and so much more. It’s on at Versailles until April 3

The Ice Age Exhibition

April in ParisYou have probably seen these adverts all over Paris. They certainly caught the attention of my twin boys who absolutely love the Ice Age movies. The new film is out in July and in anticipation of that, Le Art Ludique, is offering up an exhibition that will showcase all the various elements that went onto making the films. Drawings, footage, sculptures, paintings, you name it they’ve got it! It’s on until September and it just opened here in Paris.

Art Ludique – 13 Quai d’Austerlitz

The Barbie Expo

Barbie the original ‘it’ doll, has her own show at the Musée des Arts Décorative. 700 of this iconic girls’ looks, are on display alongside the history behind her creation. On until September 18.

Musée des Arts Decorative 107 Rue de Rivoli Paris 1

Bébés Animaux

A special exposition for 2 – 7 year olds. As usual the Cites des Science has come up with something wonderful for kids. Here, they offer the chance for children to observe the birth and growth of 73 different species of animal. They will be able to see their developement and become aware of all of the different functions, that are altered as these baby cuties grow. It’s a learning experience and sounds like one that shouldn’t be missed. Plus, this venue is an awesome to place to just hang out.

Cité des Science 30 Avenue Corentin Cariou Paris 19

The Arts

April in Paris

Paris Art Fair 2015

The famous Paris Art Fair is back and it really is magnificent. MLP went last year and loved it! The array of art exhibited truly captures the imagination. So many varying points of view, executed through stunning creative works – it is a fabulous day out – food and beverages available too. Until April 3.

Paris Art Fair at the Grand Palais, Paris

Foire du Throne

FunFair lover? The 350 attractions and 80 fun rides at Foire du Throne should definitely appeal to you. It’s a huge fairground and the whole family is guaranteed a good time – could be perfect amusement for the kids on a fine day in the city.

The Blues

There is a very funky Jazz festival taking place in the St Denis district until April 17. If you want to get a flavour of the contemporary sound of Jazz from Afro-Cuban to the latest from New Orleans, then you might want to check out this programme of events. Maybe a music moment with your older kids? Could be a winner. Check out Banlieuesbleues

The Avengers

A special Marvel exposition opens its doors on April 15 on the Esplanade de la Defense

The Big Wheel

Always a winning opportunity to go to the top of the Champs Elysee and get the most amazing views of the city. If you haven’t done it yet, this could be the perfect time. It’s a slow wheel so be prepared for being up there a while.

Shaken not Stirred!


My name is Bond….James Bond” From April 16, the Grand Halle de la Villette celebrates 50 years of the man in the suit, that has saved the world countless times without putting a hair out-of-place! They have curated an expo that holds 500 original objects from the movies over the years. MLP’s spies tell me there’s even an Aston Martin on show, alongside everything else you would expect like; costumes, sketches photos etc etc. Awesome! Kids under 4 go free – but for everyone else it ain’t cheap #justsaying.

Grande Halle de la Villette – 211 Avenue Jean Jaurès, Paris 19

Jusrassic Expo

The Dinosaur Exhibition is still on, and kids still want to see it. Initially when the exhibition was launched it was almost impossible to get in, such is the love for dinosaurs amongst so many of the little people in our lives. Luckily it is on until August so there is still time to go and see this Jurassic expo. Now at the Palais de la Découverte.

Palais de la Découverte. Avenue Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Paris 8

The Little Prince

Probably one of the most famous French children books ever written, it was first published in 1943 and written by the French aristocrat Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The fourth most translated book in the world and one of the best-selling books of all time, this charming tale of a little boy’s philosophical journey of discovery, is being celebrated in an art exhibition in Paris.Its on at the Town Hall in the 5th. From April 1 until May 13.

21 Place du Pantheon

Les Chorus des Enfants

April in ParisThis is a a real celebration of music through the vocal talents of several artists. It takes place each year at Le Défense and Haute-de-Seine, but what’s wonderful is that they have a special series of shows, both free and paid for, tailored for children. The weekend of April 9 sounds great for kids with a soul music show plus work shop! There is also a ‘little orchestra toys’ installation on April 10, where children can see instruments come to life. – love it! Check out Les Chorus des Enfants.

Movies for kids including toddlers

Aw! A cinema experience for the little kids. It’s an entire series of special screenings, designed to help children understand a little more about the world they are living in! There is a short film each month. This month it’s called Eco-Kids brought to you by the International Film Festival of the Environment. It’s totally free! April 10

Musee National d’Histoire Naturel, 36 rue Geoffroy Saint Hillaire, Paris 5

Racing through Paris

Just giving you the heads up! The Paris Marathon takes place on April 3 and The Colour Run will be on April 17. Good Luck to all our Mamas who are taking part. Go girls!

Music extravaganza at Versailles

Can you believe it’s been 350 years since the Royal Gardens at Versailles were first created: and as you would expect, this birthday is going to be celebrated in style! Get ready for an orchestrated musical session with the 55 fountains in the grounds. Check out the Palace of Versaille website for all the details – you can be sure to see the fountains in full swing from the weekend of April 2nd.

Spring Special at the Zoo

imagesParc Zoologique de Paris has a veritable feast of activities planned for the children. They have the chance to become an explorer for the day; Armed with binoculars, maps and a plan, they will be sent off on a mini expedition around the zoo, with various stages requiring completion! Plus, there are special climbing rocks so the kids can try to conquer a mini Everest. Also there will be a chance to take part in specially designed educational sessions, where a behind the scenes opportunity is on offer. The kids will also be able to witness the staff feeding the animals, as well as observing other daily rituals. From April 2 until May 1

Holy Expo! Batman.

Yes my friends, hot on the heels of the very successful Star Wars expo, the Sakura Gallery has set its sights on a new super hero! Batman. You can go and see 100 original works of art, that will show you the multiple sides of our hero and a chance to perhaps get to know his story a little better. You might even get your hands on a limited edition art book, packed with images of the caped crusader!

The Sakura Gallery – 21 Rue du Borg Tibourg Paris 4

Concerts at the Musee D’Orsay

Yes Mamas! It’s not just beautiful art you can see here but also the sound of some magical composers. They have an auditorium where you will have the opportunity to listen to some gorgeous compositions. There are two artists with an Italian theme performing in April. Check out the Musée D’Orsay website for the inside scoop.

Life on Mars

If your kids are planet obsessed, then they will love the chance to explore Mars. Get up close and personal with the Red Planet by checking out this interactive and explorative session, at Palais de la Découverte until August 2016

That’s a Rap!

April in ParisTeenagers might enjoy a day of urban culture along the canal front in the 10th district. On Sunday April 3 there is a free event featuring Graffiti, Rap music , Skating – you name it! They’ll be DJ’s, Storytellers, workshops. It starts at 1pm and ends at 10:30pm. Check out Hang Art

Apologies for the delay in getting this post to you but, MLP hopes you find it super useful for your April in Paris.  Please like the posts to give MLP a thumbs up and keep up to date with our regular posts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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