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Paris plays host to the Berlin Wall Street Artists

To get a little taste of Berlin you might not have to go as far as Germany. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Paris has given over a little street space to the artists that put their lives in danger, when Germany was divided all those years ago. 

As you leave or arrive at Gare de L’Est station in Paris right now, you will  be greeted by a throng of artistic expression. 30 works of original art, complete with the concrete they were painted on are being displayed outside day and night. These pieces were taken directly from the Berlin Wall! You’ll also see cars spray painted by the German creatives and there is a booth full of the stories, paraphernalia and offerings of commemorative souvenirs plus any additional info you might need

And it is no coincidence that Gare de L’Est was chosen. Historically it was seen as ‘the bridge’ between France and Germany!

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It was such a lovely surprise stepping out of the station and into the arms of such vibrant colour. I was with my little 7-year-old son and he was totally enthralled by it!. Instantly wanting to know which one was my favourite and declare the one he thought was the best (The smiley face is his – see pics)! We even bought bookmarks. Yes Mama’s, I succumbed to the pester power.

Anyway, if you stumble upon it en route somewhere then great, but if you decide to make a special effort remember that Canal St Martin (which is where I was heading to with my son) is a ten minute walk away. Plus there is a beautiful park nearby and a bunch of great eateries flanking both sides of the canal. Make a day of it I reckon. It’s not just Art Freedom by the way, it’s Free Art – no cost to you Mamas.

PS: There is an amazing mural of combined work just a street away – info at the booth.

Auf Wiedersehen

Love MLP

Art Liberté – Berlin Wall Exhibit. Gare de L’Est until July 28 – Day and Night

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