The Carters film new video in Paris

Beyoncé and Jay-Z have set the pop culture world alight with their hot new music video shot in secret, here in Paris.

The King and Queen of RnB/Hip-Hop took over the Louvre to shoot a video, promoting a track from their new album that just dropped, catching global fans off-guard.

The unexpected album entitled ‘Love is Everything‘, comes as the Carters are travelling around the world for their On the Run II tour.

The video for the song ‘Apeshit’, released on June 16th, creatively uses the setting of the Louvre to showcase the couples artistic flair.

If you haven’t seen it, check it out here  (below) and get a short tour of the Louvre at the same time. It’s beautifully shot, in our opinion, and culturally rocks. The couple will arrive for their French tour date, in Paris on July 14th.

The Mona Lisa might not be amused but we are. It’s wild.

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