The Big Friendly Giant

Phizz-Whizzing, Big & Friendly – Bienvenue à Paris BFG

The Big Friendly Giant hits Paris cinemas today, just in time for a family treat movie outing. We are so excited about this film. The genius of Roald Dahl given Steven Spielberg treatment has got to be the kids’ movie of the summer.

Little orphan Sophie is carried off to Giantland by the Big Friendly Giant and learns that every night he blows bottled dreams into the bedrooms of children. Not all the giants are friendly though, and the rest like to eat humans, mostly children. Not our BFG though, who lives on a foul-tasting vegetable known as a snozzcumber. Adventures ensue with Sophie and her new giant friend eventually meeting ‘Her Majester’, the Queen of England. So take the kids and enjoy the air-conditioning of the cinema for a break from the rising temperatures of Paris.


You can find all the Paris cinemas showing the film here. It’s called Le BGG (Le Bon Gros Geant) in the cinema listings here in France.  Just make sure you look out for ‘VOST’ or ‘VO’ (which means ‘version originale’ which indicates it will be in English).  The list of cinemas showing the film in English is below but note that the most kid-friendly times are at UGC Cine Cite Les Halles in the 1st district which looks like it has showings in English as early as 1.30pm.  The Grand Action cinema in the 5th district and the UGC Odeon on Boulevard St Germain in the 6th district  have early English screenings.  For most other Paris screenings in English, you’ll just have to treat the kids to a late night!

And here’s our little MLP guide to Roald Dahl’s wonderful Gobblefunk language so you can brush up before the film:

Swigill or swatchscollop: disgusting food

Filthsome: yuck!

Frobscottle: a nice bubbly soft drink

Whizzpopping: methane released from the bottom (!)

Kiddles: children

Majester: Her Majesty the Queen

Goggler: an eye

Crodscollop: an absolutely great flavour

Jumbly: all mixed up

Whoopsy-splunkers: fantastic!

Splitzwiggled: caught

Trogglehumper: a very bad dream

Our top MLP tip is to see the movie as soon as you can – the number of English language screenings will usually decrease as the weeks go by and certainly the early, daytime English screenings will reduce.

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