MLP is back in Paris after an indulgent stay in the city of London! Even though we miss it dearly, it’s good to know that there are places in Paris where we can enjoy some ‘tasty grub’ (english slang for food) that reminds us of home.

Such gorgeous, scrumptious, delicious food is on offer at The Bread and Roses in the 6th in actual fact!


Bread and Roses – Paris

Nestled on a quiet corner just outside Jardin du Luxembourg – near Rue d’Assas, is a modern café filled with a veritable feast of treats. Owned and run by an unassuming Englishman this ‘café come resto come delicatessen’ has a clean, fresh inviting feel and the smell of such gorgeous and appetising freshly cooked food that, quite possibly, a pound or two could be gained with each whiff!

It`s small inside with maybe just 8 or 9 wooden tables but there are a few available outside too for the over spill if the weather holds. French Anglo cuisine tops the daily revised menu with a robust range of  outstanding salads, quiches, cheesecakes, tarts  and soups on offer but we warn you, it isn’t cheap. A lunch meal for two with drinks could cost you somewhere in the region of a one way ticket to London on Eurostar! For your money, you get exceptionally crafted cuisine, friendly staff, and sticky toffee pudding to die for.

The Bread and Roses is very relaxed so if you just fancied a coffee that would be fine and it s a great place to take the offspring for treats. Also, being a one stop shop you can buy freshly  baked ‘organic’ bread at the deli next door. Every type of ‘pain’ (bread) you can think of is here plus you will be salivating no doubt – with the plethora of mouth-watering pastries available to eat in or ‘à porte’ – take out!

If the 6th isn’t convenient for you, there is another one in the 8th, which we think is relatively new!

However given the great location of this reputable little eatery  in the 6th, you can top and tail your experience with a walk in the beautiful  Jardin du Luxembourg. It’s definitely worth visit especially for their scones! Topped with cream and jam….yum!

We love it. Tell us what you think.

Hope you all had a fabulous summer

Love MLP x

PS: If you didn’t  know Bread and Roses is a famous phrase lifted from a speech made by a woman in America talking about the poor. “she must have bread… and roses too”. It was used to describe poor conditions but a desire for luxuries too.

Bread and Roses 7 rue de Fleurus, 75006 and 25 rue Boissy d’Anglas, 75008 – Monday-Saturday 8am-8pm