A hidden secret for foodies in the heart of Paris

Cake couture is always guaranteed in Paris.

When it comes to creating the most indulgent and beautifully designed desserts, it’s hard to beat the French! They know what they’re doing and it’s done skillfully and with love.

Wandering the streets of Paris, it’s almost impossible to walk past the windows, displaying the latest collection of sweet treats, without stopping and admiring the fabulous attention to detail, the layers of different texture, the use of colour and the famous twist.

The twist, is the pièce de résistance’ – a French term for, the highlight, the showpiece, the final part of the build. The wow factor, maybe! Not every patisserie has the skill in-house to deliver this twist, but when they do, OMG, you are at their mercy!

Suddenly it seems like you’ve no freedom of choice. It doesn’t matter whether you’re still digesting a full breakfast or slightly concerned that it’s only 11.30 in the morning! To hell with calorie counting too  – you just have to go in and indulge yourself because you know that it’s going to taste as good as it looks.

One such place that has this effect on MLP, and the children, is Colorova.

Listen to the MLP interview with the owners of Colorova:

It’s the newest kid on the block in the 6th Arrondissement (6eme). Les gateaux extraordinaire (the extraordinary cakes) are housed in a glass case like the crown jewels, in the heart of the shop, surrounded by brightly coloured fashionable furniture,  low-slung seating and youthful staff – attentively dealing with customers. You can stay and have a range of beverages and the obvious! Or grab a few delights, which will be neatly boxed, trussed in ribbon for you to enjoy at home.

Cakes in Paris

The Claudette!

If you fancy a spot of dejeuner (lunch) then stay, and enjoy the delicious European menu they offer daily and their fabulous brunch on Sundays too.

cakes in paris

We love Colorova but it doesn’t just stop there. The story behind the development of this delicious haunt is trés romantique! The couple who run it were students at the famous Ferrandi College on the same street! He was a pastry expert while she trained in the business management of restaurants. He was French-born, she was born in the Bora Bora islands off the coast of Tahiti! Together they created a mix of global cultures, reflecting their travels and love of food and each other. Just adding further sweetness to the experience!

Just to warn you, it gets packed at the weekend, so best to book in advance.

ColorovaThis a cool place to take the children. Perfect family jaunt or a place to indulge privately in guilty pleasures.

Best cakes in Paris? Tell us what you think!

Colorova, 7 Rue de l’Abbé Grégoire, 75006 Paris, 01 45 44 67 56.

Enjoy, Love MLP x

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