Congratulations Macron

The news the world needed to hear was unveiled last night in France. Emmanuel Macron appeared before crowds of thousands at the Louvre and voiced his message of love, peace and unity to rapturous applause from an adoring and relieved audience, who had feared a Le Pen win.

Here’s what some Instagrammers have captured and created, mixed with words from Macron’s victory speech. Enjoy…

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“My dear compatriots, you’ve chosen to put your trust in me, and I want to express my deep gratitude to you. It’s a great honour and it’s a great responsibility because nothing was inevitable. I want to say thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. My gratitude goes to all those of you who provided their vote and their support. I won’t forget you. I’ll put all my care and energy into being worthy of your trust.”

“We’re the heirs to a great history and to the great humanist message sent to the world. We must pass on this history and this message, first of all to our children, but even more importantly we must carry them into the future and give them new vigour. I’ll defend France, its vital interests, its image and its message: I make that commitment to you.”

“However long this battle lasts, we’ll fight it without growing weak.”

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“My dear fellow citizens, a new page in our history has been turned this evening. I want it to be that of renewed hope and confidence. The renewal of our public life will be a requirement for everyone as from tomorrow. Raising moral standards in our public life, recognizing pluralism, and democratic vitality will be the bedrock of my action from the first day. I won’t let any obstacle get in my way. I’ll work with determination and with due respect for everyone, because through work, school and culture, we’ll build a better future.”

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“My responsibility will be to bring every woman and man together, ready to confront the immense challenges awaiting us, and to act”.

“Let’s love France. From this evening, and for the next five years, I am going to serve it on your behalf, with humility, devotion and determination.

“Long live the Republic, long live France!”

Bon courage Macron

Love & Happiness MLP