Welcome the Year of the Rooster

by Linda Mak

Chinese New Year is coming up on January 28th and it will be the year of the Fire Rooster. To celebrate, put some fire in your belly and try some of the best Chinese food found in Paris. Here are 5 tried and true favourites:

I lived in China for 3 years and coming here gives me such nostalgia for the local canteens and late night street food of my past

Carnet de Bord

Since it’s the year of the fiery chicken, why not literally eat some fiery chicken? With a large platter of tasty fried chicken pieces, all buried under a pile of dried chilis, you will absolutely leave this place with your mouth on fire.

Chinese New Year

Linda Mak at Carnet de Bord

Carnet De Bord serves authentic Sichuan food. Their very spicy stews, like the beef marmite, are very popular and it’s always packed, so best to get there early. We go there just for the  Chengdu Raviolis drizzled in slightly spicy sauce.

11 Rue de Budapest, 75009


(I’m a little afraid to share this one because it’s such a staple for us that I selfishly don’t want it to get too crowded). I lived in China for 3 years and coming here gives me such nostalgia for the local canteens and late night street food of my past because Iris serves very genuine home-style Chinese food. They have a well-rounded menu and we all love the lamb skewers, aka ‘meat on sticks’, which come as ‘non-spicy’ or ‘spicy’ (and be warned the ‘spicy’ is really spicy!) They also do the classics very well: sweet and sour pork, dry fried garlic green beans and deep fried whole sea bass. Wash it all down with a nice cold Tsing Tao, or two.

183 Rue Saint-Martin, 75003

Go High Rive Gauche

From the name and decor, you might think this is a psychedelic hookah joint, but it’s actually an all-you-can-eat hotpot restaurant. For 24 Euro per pot, or 13 Euro for kids, you pick your raw ingredients (vegetables, seafood, meat) and your soup broth (spicy or plain) and then you cook it in a small pot on an induction plate, built into the table.

go high rive gauche

There’s also a make-your-own condiments bar so you can create your own dipping sauce concoction. It gets steamy inside, so it’s good for a cold winter’s night! Fun for those that don’t like to share and great for the kids testing out their chef careers.

57 Rue de Vouillé, 75015

Chinatown Olympiades

In case you need an excuse to skip soccer practice – there’s always the lazy weekend Yum Cha brunch. It has been difficult to find decent Yum Cha (aka Dim Sum) in Paris. But, so far, this place is the best place I’ve tried. The staff are very nice and the ambience is part karaoke part tea house. Go with a group so you can try lots of things, like the ‘crepe du riz’ that comes filled with pork, shrimp or beef, or a juicy plate of roasted duck or pork.

They do all the classic steamed dishes, like shrimp dumplings and sweet BBQ pork buns. It’s good to book ahead. And while Yum Cha is a great weekend brunch activity, they also do banquets. Over the Chinese New Year weekend they’re taking bookings for dinner (tables of 10) with a traditional set menu.
44 Avenue d’Ivry, 75013

Restaurant Ravioli Chinoise

Yep, you guessed it, this small hole in the wall restaurant serves dumplings – steamed, fried or boiled, all very good. They have other dishes as well if that’s what you feel like. It’s good value and it tends to get crowded, so go early.

33 Rue Caillaux, 75013

CNY Celebrations

Oh yes, and there will be parades. Loud and lively dragon dances are scheduled around Paris all through the course of the Chinese New Year 15-day celebration. Here are MLP’s picks!

The Marais Parade

The traditional annual Paris parade takes place in the 3rd and 4th districts on Jan 28th. It’s loved by the French and starts at the Place de le Republique at 2pm!

Chinatown Parade

The 13th district is Chinatown in Paris and if you are a lover of all things Chinese you have got to check it out. Naturally, a celebration of the incoming year is going to be an important event in this neighbourhood which is why celebrations will be lasting for a whole two weeks. From Jan 25th until Feb 11th, there’ll be all sorts of activities including opera! The parade takes place on February 5.

Belleville does CNY

Belleville is such a cool part of town, MLP reckons the celebrations here are bound to be fun.
the parade here on February 13.Usually in the morning by Belleville Metro but MLP is awaiting confirmation! Find out in our What’s On in Paris in February post, coming soon

Linda Mak lives in Paris with her husband and two kids. She is originally from Ohio, in the U.S. When she grows up she wants to be a time traveler.

Enjoy Chinese New Year in Paris!

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