Kids learning to Cook the French Way

MLP was recently invited to experience a cooking class for kids in Paris. The team behind Cook’n with Class has been teaching people young and old, the art of French cooking since 2007 and top chefs have graced their kitchen over the years including Rachel Khoo! So MLP was delighted to accept the invitation.

With twins in tow, MLP set off for the cooking class not really knowing what to expect. Plus the twins weren’t particularly excited by the idea but in all honesty that didn’t last long. As soon as they were thrust into the domain of this French kitchen and amongst all the other kids – they were fully engaged and focused on creating not one, or two but three dishes from scratch!

The chef, clearly adept at dealing with children, directed and guided them as they made Eiffel Tower shaped cookies, an extraordinarily delicious chocolate moelleux, mini choux buns and a Croque Monsieur! Over a two-hour session.

All the parents stayed to observe the budding little chefs in action. Here are some photos of their experience.

Cooking with kids in Paris

This is how you whisk!

Cooking with kids in Paris

Eggcellent fun!

Cooking with kids in Paris

Watch and learn buddy!

Cooking with kids in Paris

Not too much sugar!

Cooking with kids in Paris

Eiffel Tower cookies just before they go in the oven

Cooking with kids in Paris

So focused!

Cooking with kids in Paris

You can’t eat them yet!

Cooking with kids in Paris



Cooking with kids in Paris

Tea time snacks are ready!

The children had such a wonderful morning and were keen to do it again! They loved creating something and then getting to eat it afterwards.

Now in its tenth year, Cook’n with Class has attracted a lot of tourists and expats to their kitchen. They make it fun for the kids, providing aprons and chefs hats to get them into the swing of things plus they get the info on how they made it too.

All in all, it was a good morning well spent and gets the thumbs up from MLP.

Find out about all the classes they do by checking out the Cook’n with Class website. It’s €75:00 per head for children aged 6-12 with a maximum of 6 kids per class. The classes are taught in English and the veritable feast of recipes for the kids is always evolving.

Thank you, Cook’n with Class for a wonderful lesson in French cooking.

Love MLP

Cook’n with Class – 6 Rue Baudelique, Paris 18