The French absolutely love wine don’t they? It’s a national obsession. MLP wants as slice of the vino action too! The only problem is, we don’t actually know very much about it. We just know what we like and what we don’t, but when we see the array of bottles adorning the shelves of our local CarreFour or the displays of cuvée in the cute little boutique wine shops throughout the city, we often ask ourselves, how does one choose a good bottle of wine?

Sadly we don’t know how to answer this question but fortunately we met a man who does! His name is Vincent, he is a Sommelier and 100% dedicated to understanding, educating and sharing his love of wine. He is an expert and has worked in the wine business for years!

18 months ago, Vincent and his business partner Jonathan opened a small little boutique shop called Le Vin en Bouche, selling artisan wine. It is possibly one of the tiniest spaces we have ventured into but it is packed with a broad range of spectacular wines, hand-picked by the two of them. Alongside the global wines on offer, Jonathan and Vincent have managed to squeeze in a long wooden table for their guests to sit and try their wines and enjoy the intimate ambience that the place has become renowned for. As well as giving advice in response to questions like “We are having quiche tonight? Which wine would best complement this dish?”, which they answer with enthusiasm, considered thought and great suggestions; it s also a fun place to socialise and enjoy a staple of French culture which they curate with professionalism, charm and intelligence.

Discover Wine in Paris

What makes Le Vin en Bouche distinctive is not only their integrity when it comes to the wines they choose but also the fact that they will open up any bottle for you, so you can try it, taste it until you find one that you like,  without any cost to you. Go easy though or you may end up staggering home!

When deciding which wines they will stock, Vincent & Jonathan visit small artisanal wineries where the wine is produced by hand. They look for the best quality, value and search for wines that are “authentic, unusual, aromatic, rare and produced with love.” 

Night after night this ‘petit magazine’ is packed with people enjoying wine, cheese and the company of their affable hosts! They are open from mid morning until late, but rarely on Sunday’s, unless you ask them, then they would probably open up… just for you! Such is their style and flexibility.

Discover Wine in Paris

Vincent. Sommelier at Le Vin en Bouche, Paris.

Vincent has been a Sommelier for nearly 20 years. he has a complete understanding of the wine creation process and knowledge of wines from every territory in the world. For him, what he does is not a job, it is a vocation which he is very passionate about.

MLP asked Vincent whether he would help us and you, understand a little bit more about wine and we are delighted to say that he agreed. We have interviewed him to find out what we should consider when choosing a good wine and to aid digestion (sic) we have split the interviews into segments.

The first part of the interview covers, the occasion, the price and a little bit about the process.

We really hope you find the information useful and would love you to comment and let us know your thoughts. This is new territory for us and we are thinking about featuring more of these sound clips for your enjoyment plus a wine of the month feature!

Discover Wine – Part one is about ten minutes long. Click on the button and savour a little taste of Vincents’ perspective on wine. This is our first interview so excuse any minor glitches :). Part Two will be uploaded soon with more insight from his partner Jonathan!



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Le Vin en Bouche, 27 Rue de l’Abbé Grégoire, 75006 Paris. Follow them on Facebook