Jakuchū (1716-1800) at the Petit Palais

until October 14 2018.

The Jakuchū exhibition, ‘The Colorful Realm of Living Beings’ now on at the Petit Palais is a must see. Itō Jakuchū’s 30 intricately painted silk scrolls have only left Japan twice, and this is their first time landing in Europe. Due to their fragility, they are only on display for a short time. This fact alone made it feel like finding a treasure, which it really is.

IMG_5290 (2)

Last weekend we took the kids, and while they were dragging their feet at the idea of visiting ‘another boring art museum’, as soon as we arrived, they also loved it.

Each and every scroll depicts a natural or spiritual world element and they are all mesmerizing. The small exhibition space truly is an intensely soothing sea of colors, drawing you into the artist’s world and our own.

IMG_5295 (2)

So put this destination on your calendar very soon! You can book online here, a couple days in advance, and I recommend that because we stood in line for 40 minutes. Tickets are 11 euros and kids are free. While you are there, the permanent collection and the courtyard garden are also worth your time and always free for everyone.

Jakuchū, Petit Palais, until October 14 2018

Bonne visite!

Love, MLP