Inspiration for the Spring Break

Hey Mamas,  just a few days to go before you have the kids full-time for two whole weeks. Some of you will be heading off on a fabulous holiday seeking sunshine and fun time; and the rest of us will be here in Paris, hoping for bright skies and in dire need of some inspiration on how to spend our time in Paris with kids.

Mama Loves Paris is determined to help out in this department so here are some ideas that might prove useful over the vacances; some you may have seen before but there are a few new ones in here too. Mama is gonna keep it short and sweet – you can click on the links for all the info you need. 

The Fun Fair

Oh why not! Especially if it’s a beautiful day. The Foire du Throne has 300 rides, loads of attractions and there is a special fireworks display on May 1st. It’s on every day until May 23 from midday until midnight. The teens will definitely love it.

Japanese Spring Party

The Japanese celebrate the season of Hanami which is the moment Spring unleashes beautiful cherry blossoms everywhere. It’s a national obsession and even gets televised over there (who knew!). Well this tradition has not gone unnoticed in Paris. On April 23 and 24 from 10am until 7:30pm you can enjoy fab Japanese food, music, workshops and fun at Jardin d’Acclimatation.

Kid Car Racing

MINITOURIs your child car obsessed? Oooooh then you are going to love this fabulous event at the Jardin des Tuileries. It’s called Mini Optic 2000 and kids will get the chance to take laps on a track in mini electric cars. Get down there on April 16th from 2pm until 7pm, April 17th/18th from 10am until 7pm. It’s for kids aged 7 – 12 but you have to pre-register to get a special passport.

Circus Act

Envoyez-vous en l’air au stade Charlety 

If your kids are clowning around – take their antics to a professional level by letting them join the circus! Well perhaps not literally, but MLP has discovered a holiday programme where kids can learn various circus acts. Designed for 7-17 year olds the kids get to work on trampolines, fly through the air with bungee jump leaps  and loads more. The circus runs from April 18th to April 29th (excluding April 22nd/23rd) at Charlety Stadium. It’s FREE too. It opens at 11am and closes at 6pm.  You basically just turn up.

Stade Sébastien Charlety, 99 Boulevard Kellerman, 75013, Paris

Kid Fun at the Tower

GusNeed another excuse to visit the Eiffel Tower? Everyday throughout the holidays from 9:30am until 11:45am, there is a new season of education and fun activities designed for kids 6-10 years old. The entire activity takes place on the 1st Floor – where you can pick up a games booklet with 27 questions about the history of the Eiffel Tower, its creator and the landmark’s surroundings. To help the children a character called Gus has been created to accompany the kids – you’ll see his image as you wander around the 1st Floor looking for answers. Check the Eiffel Tower website for more details.

Pompi à Paris

Mamas the Pompidou Centre is always a winner and over the holidays is no exception. Their programme of activities appears to cater for children of all ages.

There is a special exhibition/installation designed to introduce  teenagers to modern art. They’ll discover poets and artists in an interactive setting.

The children’s gallery welcomes street artists JR from April 16th- 19th. Kids get a trip through the cityscape discovering stories, pictures and people. It’s FREE too.

Plus there is a workshop for 6-10 year olds specifically centered around the artist Paul Klee. The kids get to play with shapes, unusual objects and discover new artistic materials.

The Jungle Book

jungle bookThe movie is now out in France – as of April 13th! It has been totally revised, updated, and brought kicking and screaming into this decade with aplomb! Reviews are mixed. Check out this one here by the BBC. Could be a great way to while away a few hours. All the showings of the film in English are at night by the way except at the MK2 Bibliotèque in the 13th district where there is a 1pm screening!

Fish for Fun

At the Tropical Aquarium at la Porte Doree there are special tours for kids over the holidays every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Here, the kids get an education in the basics of Sea Life. The guides will show over 5,000 specimens and 300 species in 84 different water spaces. Make a reservation to be on the safe side. The tour lasts one hour.

Aquarium Tropical Porte Doree, 293 Avenue Daumesnil, 75012

The Ice Age Exhibition

April in ParisThe new film is out in July and in anticipation of that, Le Art Ludique, is offering up an exhibition that will showcase all the various elements that went onto making the films. Drawings, footage, sculptures, paintings, you name it they’ve got it! It’s on until September and has just opened here in Paris.

Art Ludique – 13 Quai d’Austerlitz





Green Space

parc floralAs part of the Fortnight of Sustainable Development, held from April 11th-22nd, the Parc Floral de Paris welcomes the Green children. Numerous events and exhibitions will be offered free to children. Every day from 9:30 to 5pm.

Route de la Pyramide, 75012 Paris


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