Bonjour Mamas

Here are a few recommendations of some of the FREE events happening in Paris this weekend.

Fête de la Musique

MLP just loves the concept of this day of musical freedom and celebration across the city. In essence from dusk till dawn (you get what I mean!) there will be music playing all over the city, on the street, in bars, outside cafes along the Seine and everywhere else you can think of. Paris has basically given over the streets of the city to artists of all levels. With Paris as their stage you can enjoy the talent for free all night long! Singing dancing, foot tapping – whatever takes your fancy.

Last year, MLP ended up at a café in St Germain, eating a meal while a full on funk concert took place a stones throw from where we were eating. It was so good we stayed there for the rest of the night!!

Its only once a year – so we thoroughly recommend you go and check it out. The Fete de la Musique website will list all the official events but there will lots of unofficial ones too. Sunday June 21.

Yoga at the Eiffel Tower

6am is early, ce’st vrai!! But how fabulous does this idea sound? Two hours of downward dog and tree pose by the Eiffel Tower completely for FREE! Of course getting up at that ungodly hour doesn’t sound in the slightest bit appealing! But once you are there in full Zen mode, looking up at the Iron Lady in the morning sun light, you’ll have a huge smile on your face and maybe a little back ache But it’s all about the experience! Details can be found here. Sunday June 21

Play it again Sam!

The Pianos are back! Dotted around the city until the end of July will be a hundred or so Pianos awaiting your attention. Whether you can play Chopsticks or Chopin the ivory keys of the city are free for your enjoyment. The initative is called Play me I’m Yours and you will see mini concerts taking place around these Pianos in major tourist sites between now and mid July. The children will love it! Unleash your inner Liberace anytime from Saturday June 20  – July 12.

Festival of Bees and Honey

If your children are mini bug hunters like MLP’s boys then you are in for a treat with this event!

Organized in partnership with the National Union of French Apiculture ( UNAF ), the festival takes place in several places including the Paris Bercy Park.bees

Saturday from 11h to 19h, animations are organized:
– Honey Extraction Demonstration
– Workshops: bee mask, candle wax, tastings …
– Exhibition “Bee and the life of the hive”
– Presentation of different models of hives
– Games
– Projections:
“The fascinating mountain bees” documentary directed by Gérard Leduc (26 min)
“The bee and beekeeper honey.” Slideshow doubled in sign language, designed by the UNAF (20 min)

The festival takes place on Saturday June 20 for further information continue reading here

Bercy Park, 128 Quai de Bercy, 75012 – 11am – 7pm

MLP wrote about some hot events happening this month including the Jazz Festival at Villette you can find all the details on that post. Continue Reading here…

Have a great weekend

Love MLP