Tickets for Roland Garros are on sale now

Anyone for tennis?

The tennis season over the summer is just one of those events that, conjures up in your mind, days filled with sunshine and Pimms. Suddenly so many tennis lovers appear out of nowhere – becoming  couch, chair or barstool surfing junkies,  looking for somewhere to place their ample rump as they take in a spot of tennis, on the box (tv) in a bar, café, on a massive screen in front of the Eiffel Tower or at home! Well, in Paris, you can take that ‘love of the sport‘ one step further, by actually going to the matches and getting a ring side seat. Roland Garros  -The French Open, takes place from May 22 to June 5  on the outskirts of Paris near Bois du Boulogne.  It is a well orchestrated event that has the centre of Paris  looking pretty much deserted  over the match weekends, as the natives head to the courts, to see who will be crowned champion. (Well it won’t be Maria Sharapova….gasp…the scandal!)

What’s great about Roland Garros is how accessible it is. We wentserena last year with the twins, after failing to succeed in buying any tickets for the famous Wimbledon matches in London (when we used to live there). Roland Garros however, was a breeze! We scored tickets immediately and enjoyed an entire day wandering from court to court checking out the matches and soaking up the rays. The boys were transfixed, watching the players through their binoculars.

MLP was amazed at how child friendly it was. The staff were great, there were lots of snack options – although it is best to bring your own food for sure. Entering the venue required a bit of queueing but nothing major, in fact, it was pretty straight forward. We thought it was super cute, when the boys were given a special lanyard to wear around their neck and a map for a creative treasure hunt designed just for them. Clever move Roland Garros – the kids were hooked immediately!

Recalling throland-garros-2014-620x350e day around 12 months ago, I think we arrived at about 10am, alighting Boulogne Jean Jaures Metro station at 9:15am. There were hundreds of people,  just to warn you, but the crowds posed no problem for  the children. There are two main courts and many smaller outside courts at Roland Garros. We bought tickets that enabled us to explore the ones that flanked centre court which were cheaper and also gave us a lot more flexibility.

If you love tennis and want to have something exciting to look forward to whilst you are in Paris, then book tickets for the French Open 2016, it is a great day out.

Tickets are on sale from March 23 at 10am. You can take your pick of seats and matches that will take place over the two weeks. All the top superstar tennis champions will be competing for the French Open title at the Stade Roland Garros in Paris across 19 courts.

The French Open tournament which is referred to as Roland Garros, is one of the largest events in tennis and the only championship match that takes place on clay. It is also the second of the five grand-slam championships.

Apparently Roland Garros is considered the toughest of all the grand slam tournaments because of the slow playing surface and the famous ‘no tiebreak in the final set!

To buy the tickets you have to register for an account. After that it is very straight forward. There is a Kids Day the day before the matches actually start, which is brilliant fun and includes lots of tennis related entertainment, special matches for the kids and the chance to get them involved in the game. Take a packed lunch if the kids are fussy eaters but there is food there. You can buy your tickets at Roland Garros’s online ticket booth. Buy early to avoid disappointment.

Have fun and enjoy. Don’t forget your Pimms and Strawberries! (It’s a British tradition but what the hell!)