Capitaine Futur et le Voyage Extraordinaire until February 6th 2015

It is so rewarding having the opportunity to discover Paris, with little people in tow.

Seeing their wide-eyed wonderment can truly be magical, and the school holidays provide the perfect time to capture these moments in abundance.

gaite lyriqueMLP had this exact experience yesterday when we took the children to – Capitaine Futur et  le Voyage Extraordinaire at the Gaîté Lyrique. It was an incredible experience for the children!

At a cost of €6, Capitaine Future is a kind of interactive adventure that aims to help children understand the universe across a multitude of different dimensions. Using most of the senses, it is an experience that enables one to combine movement, sound and light to alter ones existing environment. Hopefully our description helps you grasp the idea but if not our pictures should give you some indication.



What made this experience so phenomenal was the unexpected nature of it, and it was this that led to the wow factor for our 7 year olds! There were at least ten different interactive installations for children of all ages, cleverly designed to ensure that the only challenge, you will face, will be in trying to get your offspring to leave!

IMG_0990To make the expo even more enticing and attractive, the location itself is a winner for parents.

We had the chance to discover this old theatre in its entirety because when we arrived for the exhibition it was actually full – so we had an hour to kill, and chose to use the time to explore the surroundings we had just discovered.

The Gaîté Lyrique is a phenomenal technology focused media space. Decked out in crisp modern white with a library,  booths, computers and a super modern reading/study area. It is a great place to hang-out with your kids and it’s FREE! – Yep, it doesn’t cost a brass farthing.  What we loved was the size of the place which appeared, to be stacked over four floors and included  a traditional coffee lounge (great for hot chocolate and cake) that sat alongside extensive floor space, ideal for les enfants to run around and be inspired.


In truth, the ‘open mouthed’ wow moment was just as much apparent on our faces as it was on the children’s. In just minutes, the Gaite Lyrique rocketed to one of our top ten spots for children. and the fact that there was a ‘jeux video’ section that enabled the young and  old alike to get familiar with virtual video reality – was just the icing on the cake!

Capitaine Futur et le Voyage Extraordinaire is on until February 8 2015, but there is a lot more to come over the next twelve months and all can be discovered on the Gaîte Lyrique website

During the holidays, the Gaîte Lyrique is open from Midday until 20:00pm, Tuesday – Friday. However while school is on it is open from 14:00pm until 20:00pm.



Every weekend it opens at 11:00am and closes at 19:00pm.

You are guaranteed a great time here – and there is a park right outside it too. C’est parfait!

Don’t just take our word for it. Go and see for yourself. It is a multi-media show for the whole family and if you ever wanted to experience ‘Oculus Rift!’ this is the place to go.

Love MLP x

Gaîte Lyrique, 3bis Rue Papin, 75003 Paris