Skating on Ice

You can ice skate at Hotel de Ville until March 6 2015.  The City Hall of Paris flaunts its majestic beauty just north of the Seine, on the outskirts of the hip district known as the Marais.

Not only is Hotel de Ville one of the most beautiful buildings in town but it is also the capitals chameleon of entertainment; changing its’ setting to bring you an engaging and creative treat almost every month of the year. The range of events on offer span every genre and a huge effort is made to appeal to both adults and children alike.

Over the years we have seen the City Hall transform its grounds into a magical garden, tennis courts and even a mini music festival. To celebrate the Olympics, they erected huge screens broadcasting the games live and imported original red London telephone boxes, to bring a British flavour to the event!

But now, they have their famous open-air ice-skating rink (la patinoire) and it is so much fun.

Even though we can’t skate very well, we’ve taken the children and had a ball. Luckily we were able to clutch onto the fencing around the sides whilst watching our offspring practice in the cute children’s section with little support structures shaped like penguins. Brill!

Also,  on Sunday from 2:30pm there is going to be a festival celebrating the beginning of the Chinese New Year. It’s going to be the Year of The Horse! It will be a huge event, with dancers and dragons and will start at Hotel de Ville and then parade around the local area for many hours.

If neither of the above suits you, you can always wander into the building and take in the Brassai exhibition entitled L’Amour de Paris.

So, three great fun things for the weekend, all in one place. C’est Parfait non? (It is perfect, no?)

Place de l’Hôtel de ville, 75004 Paris, France. December 21 2014 – March 6 2015

Le bon weekend