Paris announces new labour agreement

La Dolce Vita is Italian for The Sweet Life and many believe that workers in France have exactly that!


Yesterday it was announced that French companies have been banned from contacting their employees after 6pm. Having become de rigeur for bosses to call staff whenever they need to, including all hours of the night, the Workers Union have put their well pedicured foot down and  declared, “Non!”

Oui! A legally binding labour agreement has now been signed that forces staff to switch off their work phones and computers in favour of a little down time! The deal perdominantly impacts on the IT market, brands like Google and Facebook for example, where employees are facing addictive work hours but how long before other industries have to succumb to the same rules?

When we arrived in Paris two years ago! We were struck by what appeared to be a pretty chilled out work ethic. Coming from London we were used to a 24hr, commercially pumped city with a pulsating beat that bordered on a possible cardiac! Paris, could NOT be more different comparatively.

  • The city is essentially closed on a Sunday. (although this is slowly changing)
  • On a Monday you will struggle to find an independant shop open for business.
  • At lunch times there is a need for a two hour break in the middle of the day across most businesses
  • 9am openings? Forget it. 11am is far more realistic, sometimes 10am if you’re lucky.
  • Oh and nobody works in August – the whole city is at the BEACH! sic

And now – no contact after 6pm!

The Sweet Life? It’s a Life Magnifique non?

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