Paris puts a lake inside an Art Gallery…say what?

Yes, you heard right. Palais de Tokyo has the most ridiculously cool installation on its premises right now. An actual lake inside the museum with boats and oars provided, so you and the kids can take an indoor boating trip. MLP was so beyond excited with this expansive interior water feature, that security was momentarily on high alert! Suppressing screams but still leaping about with childlike enthusiasm, MLP joined the small queue of people waiting to sail through this incredible section of the gallery.

Joined by a couple of friends but without the children, MLP boarded a boat and set sail. It was deadly quite (aside from MLP humming ‘we are sailing‘ by Rod Stewart). The setting was almost pitch black, very still and totally wild! The lake is the brain child of Celeste Boursier-Mougenot and it’s entitled Acquaalta, the name of the annual flood in the Venetian lagoon.

“As they move across this flooded space, visitors enter a stream of images which set the scene for an imaginary journey, a voyage through their own psyche”

It is truly phenomenal and you should experience it with your family  BUT…all the other exhibitions currently appearing at Palais de Tokyo are absolutely NOT appropriate for kids. One includes a Thai artist who appears to be projectile vomiting his love of Denim through some kind of bizarre drug fuelled creation, MLP struggled to get to grips with this installation or see any Thai Demin Artistcoherent point of view. Plus the other presentation involved Gangsta Midgets, bongs and blow up dolls! So needless to say MLP would classify this as a big NO! NO! for kids. However you might want to book the children into one of the brilliant workshops on offer and then go and check out these other spaces yourself! MLP would love to hear what you think.

There is that wonderful big stage in the basement that the children can run and Palais du Tokyo Stagejump on, but aside from that MLP highly recommends you stick to the lake. The kids go free and it’s €10 for adults. Plus the eateries there are great but if you want more variety, right next door at the MOMA they do a fantastic buffet of pastas and salads, quiches etc.

Have a blast Mamas. So much more to come….

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PS: Apologies that the photos are not top-notch! MLP had a technology glitch that day! Till next time.

Love MLP

Palais de Tokyo – Acquaalta – until September 13