Eat, Play, Love!

A great find in the heart of Paris for families

After hearing about Le Bal being a child-friendly restaurant in Paris, we took the boys there, with the hope that it would match the great reviews we had read. Aside from learning that it was a great eaterie, we discovered that it was located right opposite a playground – and this had great appeal.
Le Bal Le Bal is located north of the river in the 18th arrondissement. It was a beautiful day, so we headed off from the Notre Dame quarter in the 6th and strolled, while the boys rolled (on their scooters). An hour and fifteen minutes later we got to a busy main road, Rue de Clichy and went in search of a side road to find Le Bal.

child friendly restuarant in paris

Le Bal Terrace

The tiny road was completely paved  and set back from the buzz of the high road. 2 minutes in, we spotted some chairs and tables under a covered terrace facing a playground, mini park and garden. It was midday by the time we arrived  and we were pretty much sun-kissed after our jaunt, and a little worried that we might not get a table. All the seats were taken outside so we ventured in and kept our fingers crossed.
child friendly restaurant paris

Wandering in, we were given a very friendly greeting from one of the staff and shown to  one of the few tables, left in this petite café/resto.

First impressions! Very nice, child-friendly, modern decor and comfortable. The café is in the basement of  a building that houses a bookshop and an art gallery. The book shop runs alongside the food space and the art gallery is set to the back and above.

chile friendly restaurants in paris

The walls listed the events, exhibitions and child orientated ateliers (workshops) that were coming up this month, but  we were more interested in the menu! We were ravenous after our long walk. Bacon and Eggs, Kedgeree, Chicken Mushroom and Tarragon Pie with salad, Welsh Rarebit!?

Momentarily it felt like we were back in the UK. The menu reminded us of London nosh!  But the french dulcet tones of our waiter catapulted us back to reality!

Whatever time of the year, the perfect child-friendly restaurant in Paris is not so easy to come by, but Le Bal is a special place and well worth a visit

Le Bal Cafe

We ordered all of the above but before it had arrived, the boys were already perusing the cakes and cookies openly displayed on the bar.

The food didn’t take too long and it was delicious. I can definitely vouch for the Chicken Pie! The boys thoroughly enjoyed it too – which was an achievement, as they are definitely not easy to please when it comes to food! So consider this a thumbs up from them.

child friendly restaurant in paris

Admiring the setting, we were curious to know more about the place. The menu ideas came from the chef who worked in London for a while, hence the British orientated cuisine.We were told that it used to be a supermarket years ago but was bought by a woman with a love of art and books. She turned the space into an arty destination and included the eaterie to feed her creative hungry clientele. The name comes from the heritage of the building . Back in the 60’s, there was a jazz club in the basement called Le Bal Populaire, so the name stuck.

MLP also discovered that family creative workshops take place here, well..sessions for kids.  Which is also a bonus.

Le Bal

Following our lunch, we headed to the playground, which thankfully was about 15 steps from our table. Heaven! The boys dashed between the two climbing frame areas, rummaged through le jardin (the garden) and chilled happily on the grassy knoll soaking up the rays.

It was the perfect end to a lovely day.

There is so much to explore at Le Bal.

It gets our vote.

Love MLP x

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Le Bal Café, 6 Impasse de la Défense, 75018 Paris. Tel: 01 44 70 75 51

Workshops: Information and reservations:

Number of participants: 10 children, Price: 8 euros for subscribers. Age: 8-11 years