Childrens Festival in Paris

For kids from the age of one? Wowzers! Sounds fabulous. Our sources have revealed that this much loved little Paris affair has taken place in the city every year for the last 6 years. It is, by all accounts an extensive programme of activities designed for children up to the age of  11.

There is a veritable feast of activities on offer, music, art, workshops and a chance for families to not just absorb creativity but participate in it as well. There will be performances and art shows, street acts even a reading marathon (LOVE!), dance workshops, circus acts, loadsastuff; and all of this will be taking place in various spots around the 4th arrondissement.

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Most of the activities will be held in (or in parts of) venues that are not normally open to the public like, Hôtel de Lauzan, Hotel Beauvais, National Archives, La Maison de Victor Hugo and many other places.

Les festival des enfantsThe event which is branded Ô 4 Vents’  is about innovation and creativity. It attempts to involve every member of the family so together you can ‘create and enjoy all of these artistic moments’. They want to showcase the exceptional talents in performing arts to a young audience.

Le Festival des Enfants runs from May 22 until June 1. The official opening will take place at 6:30pm at the Town Hall in the 4th.

What do you think Mamas? Sound good? The Parisians love it apparently. So you might want to get down there. You can book tickets for your little ones in advance. One place is €6 or for 6 places it will set you back €30.

Their website is fabulous with lots of information but alas it is all in French! So you may need your handy Google Translate but the images speak volumes. 

They say it is essential to book in advance so here is the key information you need;

Tél : 01 71 28 70 10
Go here :  La Mairie du 4e : 2 place Baudoyer 75004 Paris
At these times: From Monday to Fridayi de 11h à 5h30 (except bank holidays)

Have fun Mamas (and Papas).

Le Festival des Enfants – 4th Arrondissement, Paris May 22 until June 1

Special Price for the opening event : «Tension Verticale» de la Cie Retouramont : €10Les ateliers : 5 euros per person.

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