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Les Enfants Perdus

Top nosh in the 10th district of Paris

Planning an evening out, MLP wanted to discover a place to eat in Paris, that we could report as a new find! After much searching, we came across Les Enfants Perdus – The Lost Children!

MLP was immediately intrigued by the name, as it conjures up an air of mysticism and we loved that it was located in the 10th arrondissement. This  part of town is so cool, you can almost always guarantee an interesting ‘experience‘ of some kind.

The restaurant was about a five-minutes walk from Gare de L’Est station and super easy to find. Looking through the glass doors from the outside, around 8.30pm on a Tuesday night, the place looked quiet. One could see however, the fashionable barman busily washing and wiping glasses with a spring in his step, suggesting a more upbeat mood. Desperate to get out of the cold, it was great to finally be in the warm surroundings of Les Enfants Perdus. Within seconds of arriving, the upbeat and smiling barman delivered a welcome that included: a song, a fixed gaze and a cheeky grin! It was an unpredictable greeting but it worked, and MLP was immediately thawed and hopeful that the food would keep up with this great first impression.

DSC07116Finally seated with the girls at our table in the back, which was busier, we inspected the wine menu and perused the setting. Modern, relaxed, smart but unpretentious would be how we would describe the decor. However, the staff ‘Les Trois Garçons’ (The Three Boys) working that night managing the ‘front of house’ and the cool tunes delivered the style, charisma and buzz of the place?

The food was delicious. We had the mushroom soup to start, which led to one of those – “OMG OMG silence, SAVOUR, silence WOW” moments! The combination of flavours (ooh la la) were so divine, just a little more heat would’ve set it off perfectly.


The steak looked too good to resist for two of us but our friend went for Scallops. Wow! Top notch quality grub – as we would say in the UK. The plates were completely clean by the end!

Les Enfants à Paris

When the dessert menu came round, our bodies in unison screamed for us to say no! We obliged but it wasn’t easy. Temptation was definitely in our midst!

Les Enfants PerdusBy the time the meal had ended we had built quite a rapport with the staff, who we noticed, had a certain collective style. Imagine 1920’s mob style attire meets Noughties boyish charm! Somehow they managed to craft this combination into an art form, efficiently using it to seduce customers with great service, a smile and oodles of personality that would have them coming back for more.

This dining experience was satisfying, enjoyable, high-spirited, good quality and classic. Plus it was very good value for money. A contemporary and quirky ‘eat out in Paris’ moment can be found right here. It was fun.

We will definitely be finding our way back to The Lost Children and we recommend you try it too.

Oh and thanks to the two awesome Mama’s who joined us.  You know who you are.

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Les Enfants Perdus, 9 Rue des Récollets, 75010 Paris, France +33 1 81 29 48 26