Yesterday we took a gentle stroll through the famous Marché Biologique on Rue Raspail.


It’s a favourite market for so many visitors and natives of Paris alike and if you like your fruit and vegetable picked the same morning, then this is undoubtedly the place to be.

It opens at 9am on a Sunday morning but following a bout of flu it was midday before we ambled towards the market.

It was so quiet in the streets that flanked the market. Rue Cherche Midi and Saint Placide. All the shops were locked up, restaurants were quiet and there was hardly a soul to be seen, anywhere. Not even the gentle hum of car engines could really be heard; but then you get closer to Rue Raspail; and the pulse of the city starts jumping.


From the outside looking in, through the gaps between the stalls of the covered market you could see movement, a bustling hustle, determined shoppers and hard working vendors buying and selling organic foodstuffs.


Fresh wheatgrass, raw chocolate, pancakes, fish, cooked chickens and potatoes, juices, soups and vegetables with an imaginary ‘eat me’ sign stamped to their bodies. Everything looked absolutely delicious.


But you’re right, it couldn’t all be that perfect! Nope. The prices were astronomical! Having nearly fainted when told the price of three salmon steaks – 24 Euros- it was necessary to get myself together in order to pay the man, who handed me my meagre change in all seriousness; and promptly turned his attention to the next customer in along line that trailed behind.


Queuing and high prices – is the name of the game in this market buy it didn’t matter. The market was unbelievably cool, the stallholders were characterful and interesting, the food was colourful and appetising, the vibe was energetic and fun. It is an experience.


And you could definitely spot the odd celebrity!

Go check it out

MLP xx

PS: There is a more traditional market in the same place on Tuesday and Friday mornings.