In the spirit of Paris Fashion Week it is fitting that ‘Bubble Seine’ by Melvin Sokolsky has just been named, the most iconic fashion image  in the last 100 years, by the Victoria & Albert Museum in Auckland.

Bubble Seine

Appearing to him in a reacurring dream , the New York photographer was seduced by the concept of creating a fashion shoot where the models would appear posed and elegant within a translucent bubble!

In 1963 his vision became a reality and he shot the series of images for Harper’s Bazaar Spring Collection.

The bubble concept was interpreted creatively, taking flight from New York  then arriving in Paris, France on the River Seine, from where it then embarked on a journey through the beautiful streets of the city.


Rue de Bubble

Inside each bubble lay or stood a stunning fashion portrait of Simone d’Aillencourt, capturing the essence, stye and direction of the industry in the 1960’s.

The black & white photographs showcased a powerful, bold  and inspiring creative vision that was ahead of its time.

Bubble al frescoBubble in Cafe

The ‘Bubble Seine’ image and the entire collection  has rightfully taken its place in fashion history.


Love MLP x