Cinema en plein air à Paris

We love that Paris hosts so many outdoor films in the summer months.  It’s a lot of fun to get involved with this very French tradition of a late night picnic, glass of wine in hand, and a movie in Paris under the night sky.  MLP has the scoop on the best screenings for Summer 2017!

Outdoor cinema at La Villette

Warm summer nights and the kids are on school holiday? What better idea than to take the family to an outdoor movie. Luckily Paris has a great tradition of screening movies outdoors on summer evenings. The Prairie du Triangle in La Parc de La Villette in Northern Paris has been hosting this festival for over twenty years.

It’s a great atmosphere, with thousands gathering to watch the movies, picnic, enjoy a glass of wine and loll in the deck chairs. For us, this festival is the essence of summer in Paris – outside in the evening sharing one of the French nation’s greatest passions, the cinema.  The screen is the largest in Europe and the festival always has a rich and diverse film selection. This year the theme is Dans la cuisine so there will be a cooking thread running through all of this year’s film choices.

Pixar fun for the kids at La Villette

Remy the rat takes on the Paris haute cuisine scene on 19 August

Our top choice at La Villette film festival for kids has got to be Ratatouille! A rat who dreams of becoming a top French chef? Perfect viewing for a Paris kid or visitor. This Pixar favourite will be screened on Saturday 19 August. Entry is free and you can either just bring your own picnic rug or rent a seat. Just a heads-up that this is listed as being screened in French. We don’t think this matters as animation is a great way to get your kids exposed to more French language in a fun way, but just to let you know. Also, be warned that although you can enter at 7.30pm and enjoy your picnic, the main film is unlikely to start before 9.30pm. It’ll be a fun memory for your kids but just be prepared for a late night! It’s on Saturday August 19th!

Date night!

Revolutionary Road starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio on 11 August at La Villette

It’s not all about the kids. Most of the Villette festival is really aimed at adults. So think about booking a babysitter, pack a delicious picnic and a bottle or two of chilled rosé wine, et voila, a lovely evening out at a movie under the stars. There are some great movie picks for grown-ups. The comedy Sideways, about wine-touring in California, will be screened on Thursday 17 August. The classic Audrey Hepburn movie Sabrina is on Sunday 6 August. We also think Revolutionary Road, starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo Dicaprio on Friday 11 August would be a good pick.  It’s listed in the programme as Les Noces Rebelles, its French title.

Festival Silhouette at Parc de la Butte de Chapeau Rouge

The Silhouette Festival follows a great formula of a 7pm concert followed by a 9pm film screening.  Entry is free and it takes place in the beautifully named Parc de la Butte de Chapeau Rouge, which is not far from its larger neighbour, Buttes Chaumont.  The film choices for this festival are truly international, with films from Belgium, the USA, Philippines and many more countries.  Take a look at the programme to see what takes your fancy.

This should keep you busy and remember all those parks that are open for 24hours throughout the Summer and the uncovered railways that you could explore not to mention the pools and other picnic spots.

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