MLP had a night out in Paris!

After entertaining the children over le vacance, the idea of a fun night out in Paris had great appeal. So a little ‘Parisian Plan’ was devised, and MLP hit the rues of the city with a couple of girlfriends, for some much-needed fun, laughter and a few glasses of wine!

After jumping in a cab, it was a struggle to contain our excitement. We were heading to one of the most talked about bars in all of Paris. Yes, my friends, we were making a beeline for Le Perchoir! The glorious rooftop bar now the regular hangout of Parisian movers, shakers, groovers & hipsters! Having opened in June last year, it has quickly become the ‘place to be’ in Paris!  Stories of long queues outside Le Perchoir were legendary and we weren’t sure we would get in! So we adopted the best tactic possible! Get there UNFASHIONABLY EARLY!

Pulling up outside at 8pm, there was indeed a stream of people lined up against a wall waiting patiently to get inside.

But get inside what? This bunch we’re essentially waiting outside the door of an apartment block. There was no sign, no symbol, and no indication whatsoever that anything interesting was going on in this building. Unsurprisingly that just made the allure of the place even more appealing.

Le Perchoir Night out in ParisLe Perchoir NIght out in Paris

The red rope at the front door, guarded by a broad and buff bouncer, was the only clue that something exclusive might be happening so we waited eagerly – amongst the sunglass wearing, urban clothed, beard growing Parisian boho’s!

Ten minutes later we were inside, hovering by the lift that would take us to The Roost (Le Perchoir in English). The moment those lift doors opened at the top of this high rise buiding, we knew we had made the right choice.

le perchoir nigt out in parisle perchoie nigh out in paris

Wow! C’etait incroyable! (It was incredible). The sun was setting and the views of the city were vast. You could just about see Sacre Coeur through the polluted skies, coupled with the pretty chimney tops of nearby dwellings. The cool, mature and laid back crowd were either, gathered by the bar awaiting a delicious cocktail or chatting on some low slung seating or just smoking in that Parisian ‘Film Noir‘ kind of way!

le perchoir night out in paris

We ordered champagne! But watched with admiration, as the all male bar staff threw together some amazing alcoholic concoctions; into a selection of glassware that looked like it has been bought in from Le Bon Marché.

le pechoir night out in parisle perchoir night out in Paris

The vibe was spectacular – and beyond our expectations. We had dinner reservations at 9.30pm so had to leave -but we could not stop talking about the place. Apparently it opens at 5pm and closes around 2pm, although the door shuts around midnight. There is a restaurant there too, but you have to book at least a month in advance if you want a table!

le pechoir night out in parisle perchoir night out in paris

MLP discovered that there is a second venue planned for the summer in Boulogne by the river on a BOAT! Well, if it is anything like their rooftop bar then we will definitely be checking it out.

Dinner was delicious at the rather lovely Hotel du Nord in the 10th. Named after the movie and also sporting that ‘film noir’ ambience, we enjoyed steaks, crab and a bottle of the finest white wine. The food here is sublime and the range of options on the European style menu is perfect. We highly recommend this place and suggest you book in advance.

By midnight we fancied a change of scene and headed to the famous nightclub (le boite), Le Baron! Famous for being flanked by notoriously moody doormen, we were unsure what to expect. However, we were pleasantly surprised by the friendly reception we received. The three of us ventured inside, through the narrow hallway and into a dark red boudoir of comfy seating and thumping basslines. It was pretty much empty and very small! I asked the barman where everybody was – he said it was a little early for the Parisians, they were still drinking in bars!

le Baron night out in Paris

It was tempting to leave, but a night out in Paris is a rarity for us Mama’s so we decided to stay, enjoy the cocktails and wait to see if the place got busy.

After supping the best cocktail in town and taking a turn on the dancefloor we realised that suddenly there was nowhere left to sit, the club was crammed and there was no room to throw any more shapes under the disco ball!(sic)

The barman was right.

We left shortly after. Hailing a cab from the Champs Elysée. Happy, inebriated and content that our girls night out in Paris had been a total success.

Thankyou Super Mama’s, Nour & Claudia for a fun evening and taking some of the photographs.


Le Perchoir – 14 rue Crespin du gast 75011, PARIS

Hotel du Nord – 102 Quai de Jemmapes, 75010 Paris

Le Baron –  6 Avenue Marceau Paris 75008