We had to share this brilliant piece of footage from French TV, lampooning the American Media, namely Fox News, for the inaccurate information they are confidently distributing about Paris given recent events. An interview with a so-called ‘expert’ was perceived as ‘eye-opening’ when the City of Lights was described as a ‘scary place’ similar to living in Afghanistan! According to them, specific areas of Paris are now being described as ‘no go zones!’ The team at Le Petit Journal, a show on Canal + didn’t hold back in challenging these accusations levied at Paris; and took huge ‘risks’ in their attempt to present the real story. It is quality viewing. Apparently Nolan Peterson, the ‘expert’ who was interviewed has since apologised to the entire country of France for his statement! There are subtitles, Enjoy!

Love MLP x
Thanks LiveLeak for this clip.