The Arts in Paris

November 2018

We have reached the final two months of 2018. The hot spell has been replaced with a cold chill, and the full blooms of the summers’ flora and fauna, have faded; replaced by abundant autumnal hues that grace the parks and pathways of Paris. The scenery may have indeed changed with the season,  but the exciting options of places and spaces to explore remains consistent.

So what’s happening in the City of Light this month? Here’s what has peaked our interest in arts and culture.

Graffiti in Abandoned Places

Paris is renowned for urban art. Just head to the 11th district or the Marais and pay close attention, to the creative adornment of many of the buildings there, to see what we mean. Or perhaps head to this rather gritty showcase  at the Artistik Rezo gallery, displaying some of the most beautiful images of graffiti in abandoned places.

November 2018

Shot in cities all over Europe this expo puts urban art on display and highlights some of the most exciting graffiti artists of the moment. All images appear in the book Wastelands by Jonk.

Artistik Rezo Gallery, 14 Rue Alexandre Dumas , 75011 Paris
Until December 3

Miro at the Grand Palais

If you love surrealist art, then you are in for a treat with this expo. Over 70 pieces of Miro’s work, some of which have never been shown in France before, are being exhibited at the Grand Palais.

november 2018

Get the kids to try and recreate some of the more linear paintings, to help unleash their creativity and interest.

Grand Palais, Avenue Winston-Churchill ,  75008 Paris

Until february 2019

Michael Jackson – On The Wall

Even after his passing, the impact of  Michael Jackson is still powerful. As a massive fan of the “Thriller” artist we couldn’t let this homage to the King of Pop go without a mention. Off the Wall was the title of MJ’s first solo album and is the title (with a slight spin) of this exhibition, which is opening  in Paris this month. It’s already had a successful run in London and it focuses on the untold story of Michael’s impact on contemporary art.

November 2018

Over forty artists who have featured the singer in their work, will be exhibiting including the late Andy Warhol. As one of the most influential cultural figures to come out of the 20th century, this is one expo you shouldn’t miss. There’ll be music, video footage as well as images. Don’t stop til you get enough!

Le Grand Palais, Avenue Winston-Churchill , 75008 Paris

From November 23

JR Exhibition

If you love all things French or want to immerse yourself further into French art and culture, then you need to know who JR is. He is a phenomenal French photographer who has created some of the most mind-boggling photographic stunts across the globe. He is the French version of British artist “Banksy.”

November 2018

His identity is still kinda unconfirmed, but you know his work when you see it and the scale of his projects have had people talking and inspired for years. He started fly posting buildings in Paris and his career has taken off. For the first time ever,  a collection of his most iconic works is on display here i Paris! Try not to miss it.

And if you don’t get there, at least check out the displays of his work at several metro stations from November 6th. This underground photo project, called “Travelling with Others” aims to ‘challenge travellers about the identity of those who observe them and the interaction we can have with them‘ Here are the stations where you can see his work in motion. (see main photo)

  • Hotel de Ville (L1)
  • Châtelet (L7)
  • Luxembourg (RER B)
  • Saint-Denis Gate of Paris (L13)
  • Gare de Lyon (L14)
  • La Chapelle (L2)
  • Saint Michael (L4)
  • Bir-Hakeim (L6)
  • Madeleine (L14)
  • Pyramids (L14)
  • Nanterre-University (RER A)
‘Monument, the mechanics to the test.’ European House of Photography, 5 rue de Fourcy, 75004 PARIS
From November 7 until February 2019


Designed to play with your mind, this Illusions exhibition offers up just what it describes. A veritable feast of images that distort your senses are on displa,y crafted to fascinate and intent on challenging your perceptions.

november 2018

For kids aged 7 years and older this expo is likely to have them confused and excited all at the same time. But on the journey through this expo, you might end up finding out why.

Palais Decouverte, 2 avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt , 75008 PARIS

From November 6th

Musicals  – An Interactive Expo

Full disclosure, MLP is a big fan of musicals, so this expo is right up our rue! Exhibiting right now at the Philharmonie de Paris, a phenomenal venue in the 19th district, is a celebration of musicals but in the most interactive and creative of formats. Fully immersive, this expo gets you, the visitor, totally involved in the experience.

November in Paris

Philharmonie de Paris

Amongst the rare documents, images and full-scale projections, are dancers bringing the whole theme of musicals to life. However, you and your family get to join in! You can add your voice, doubling up for the star characters and learn a few new dance moves. You can take photos with the iconic accessories from some of your favourite films and get to see the scores from these great musical movies.

Whether you love Fred Astaire or John Travolta there is something here for everyone.

Go check it out and let us know what you think.

The Philharmonie de Paris, 221 Avenue Jean Jaurès ,75019 Paris

Until January 27, 2019. Monday to Friday from noon to 6 pm,  Saturday, Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm.

Paris Photo

Paris Photo, the worlds first ever photography fair is back for is 22nd edition. 197 exhibitors from over 35 countries will display some of the best global images for your viewing pleasure.

Having been many times before, we are always inspired by what is on show, so if you want some fresh ideas on how to improve your love of photography or just love the art of it, then this expo could be for you.

Le Grand Palais, Avenue Winston-Churchill, 75008

From November 8th until November 11th

Photographing Paris

We have spent a lot of time taking beautiful snaps of this stunning city but it is always interesting to get an understanding of what the capital looks like, through the eyes of a different lens.

Everything is open to creative interpretation, which is why we are quite excited to see this little exhibition at the Hotel de Ville this month. 16 young photographers are delivering their contemporary take on the City of Light! And it’s free!!!!

Hotel de Ville, Paris 4

From November 5 til january, 2019

Nod to Christmas

One of the most magical times of the year, Christmas in Paris, comes with bells and whistles – in the form of lights, unbelievable storefront displays, baked goods in abundance, fireworks, orchestral manoeuvres, market stalls, ice rinks and more. Most of it kicks off this month, so keep your ear to the ground and your eyes peeled as we enter a new phase of sparkle this month. Start off by checking out the two major dept stores  Bon Marché and Galerie Layfayette, competing for most ‘ noses pressed up against their windows,” and ‘open-mouthed reactions,’ as Christmas 2018 comes hurtling towards us!

Love MLP