Love finding new cafés in Paris especially when they offer a twist on the traditional spaces strewn across the city.

This is Delyan, a cute café in the 4th arrondissement.  From the outside it looks like an everyday space, in fact when you peer inside you might not notice its modern edge.  However, when you venture in, you start to appreciate the carefully chosen pieces of furniture, the care that has been taken in selecting the vinyl on the wall, the hand-picked books adorning the shelves to help to create the ambience of the place. Then suddenly it feels like someones retro project, a scrapbook latté designed with love. [envira-gallery id=”3921″] It’s just around the corner from Hotel de Ville – one of MLP’s favourite places.

Very handy for a quick slice of quiche, a sandwich or just a coffee. Just loved this authentic little Paris café.

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For more information check out the Delyan website They have a second restaurant too.

Have a wonderful day

Love MLP


Delyan – 8 Rue St.Martin, Paris.