Not long now Mamas and the little beauties will be back to school, clutching their rucksack and the memories of a wonderful two-week break. If you still haven’t quite nailed it yet, don’t worry, you still have 5 days to have some awesome experiences, that will have them and you smiling from ear to ear.

Here is some inspiration for you Mama, so you can seek out some of the best parts of Paris for children. 

I love my GrandMa

Paris for childrenMLP is in love with this brilliant moment in Paris where the French show some love for their Grandmas. Taking place in the 4th arrondissement, the event is designed to remind everyone that GrandMothers have a value and are full of inspiration. So the idea is based around an exchange of experience from knitting to cake baking, puppet making and the like. I love ma Grand Mere takes place at 10 Rue de Turenne from 2pm until 7pm, near Place des Vosges. It sounds like a great initiative and should be supported. As an aside our boys just wanna say ‘Grandma Liz and Grandma Rubie, we love you’ 

Berge sue Neige

Paris for ChildrenAlways a winner! On Berge Street right now is a climbing wall or more like a hiking wall, complete with harnass and helmet! It’s up until March 1 from 1pm until 5pm. Berge Street is a great place for kids anyway with so much to do, you can easily lose an entire day here, but this will make it so much better. Visit the Port of Gros Caillou between the bridge of Invalides and the Pont de l’Alma. You will find:
– 2-way classic climbs, accessible from 6 years.
– 2-way ice climbing with ice ax, accessible from 10 years.
An automatic “Easy Block” will ensure safe climbing.
The equipment (harnesses, carabiners, helmets, etc.) is provided on site! Oh and its free, OUI!


Just a few more days to go before the ice rink is dismantled outside Hotel de Ville. Guaranteed fun for everyone and lots of laughter too. On March 1st, it’s all over so take the kids and grab some hot chocolates afterwards – from one of the  many cafes nearby. It’s €6 and close at 10pm. Hotel de Ville, Place de l’Hôtel de ville, 75004 Paris

Le Salon International de l’Agriculture

Paris for ChildrenIf your child is an animal lover , then heading to Porte de Versaille right now is a must. There will be over 4000 animals there! Cows aplenty! All things agricultural covered, like crop growth, kennels, animal rearing. Could be fun for some. For MLP it’s a no no, the assault on our sense of smell would be too much, we’ll probably spend most of the time spraying Eau de Toilette over each shoulder. It’s on until March 1, 9am until 7pm. €13 for adults €6 for kids 6-12. All info on the Salon International de L’Agriculture website. 1 Place de la Porte de Versailles, 75015 Paris.

MLP has added our last post ‘Paris for Kids’  here as the original post had an internet  glitch so you may have missed it and we want to make sure you see all the work we do for you. Enjoy.

Finding places that are fun for the kids in Paris can always be a bit tricky, despite the abundance of choice that we believe Paris has to offer.

Of course, there are always the one size fits all propositions, where you can almost guarantee the little bears will have an amazing time and get rid of excessive energy, like parks and playgrounds for example. But then there are the other options, dangling invitingly, like enticing carrots just waiting for us to bite! But… it’s not that straight-forward is it?

Will little George sit and watch a 2 hour movie? Will bubbly little Suri get into the pool or just look at it wide-eyed for an eternity? Essentially, knowing your child type and the right buttons to press will surely lead to a more, shall we say, harmonious experience for them and for you.

MLP has given some consideration to this theory and tried to match some of the activities happening around Paris with the various categories, that our offspring could fall into. Hopefully, this will help you choose some great places to have fun with the kids in Paris. We’ve kept it short and sweet but with all the necessary links attached. Hope its useful Mamas. All the links are in red.

Curious Minds

Cité de la Science

Cité de la Science

Cité des Science – The largest science museum in Europe has got to be on your agenda over the holidays. This place has everything a family needs for the perfect day out: fun, food, fantastic exhibitions and fabulous ideas all designed to engage the mind. The children’s section is brilliant, the Planetarium is great, La Geode is just five minutes away too. Top choice for the hols!  30 Corentin Cariou Avenue, 75019 Paris

Musée en Herbe -It’s the only kids Museum in Paris. Everything inside is designed to be pressed, prodded and turned as every effort is made to maximise interactivity with the children. There are daily workshops here too ranging from painting to sculpture. It’s a must!  21, rue Herold, 75001 Paris


IMG_1681Roller Blading. A huge craze in this city. Every Friday night there is a Roller Rally  with hundreds of adrenalin junkies gliding their way through Paris from 10pm at night! If you’re sporty kid fancies showcasing their moves then it might be worth encouraging them to see Paris on their blades, by joining the Sunday Family Roller sessions. It happens every Sunday, weather permitting, at about 2.15pm from Place de la Bastille. All ages are welcome.

Promenade Plantée. A former train track that has now become an explorative zone in the city. It’s a three-mile stretch that you can stroll, cycle, skateboard or scooter your way through, winding through tunnels and hiking the small hills. The pathway flows past many rest spots en route, including a pretty park called the Jardin de Reuilly. Quinze-Vingts, 75012 Paris

Chilled – Out

A trip to the Movies. Did you know that Paris has the highest number of cinema goers compared to any other country in the world. Get amongst them over the school break and take a trip to your local movie house. Admittedly France isn’t too ‘expat kid friendly’ in this arena. Showing very few films in foreign languages and kids films in English predominantly at night. However during the holidays they do change this slightly so you may be able to see a show in your language of choice. If not, it’s yet another good way for you and your offspring to absorb a little French.  The SpongeBob Movie is in cinemas everywhere. Don’t forget the popcorn!

Nature loving

Jardin  des Plantes. Opened in 1650 and is the original botanical garden of Paris.It is a treasure amongst Parisians and the gardens are maintained for year round beauty. As well as being able to enjoy the stunning flora and fauna there is a spectacular zoo with over 1800 inhabitants including giraffes, monkeys,leopards, snakes and so much more. You’ll find a super fun playground here too. C’est parfait! The website has all the information you need. 57 Rue Cuvier, 75005 Paris


DSC07712Arc de Triomphe. If you can manage the 284 steps you have to climb and have about €10 per person in readily available cash, then you should head to the top of the Arc de Triomphe. The views are spectacular, the exhibition spaces on a couple of the floors leading up to the top are worth exploring and the shop is packed full of great souvenirs. For the brave hearts in the family its must but you have got to be fit to take on les escaliers!

Eiffel Tower. It’s an obvious one but c’mon! Have you done it yet? Surprisingly more people talk about marching to the top of the Iron Lady as opposed to actually doing it. If there are no vertigo issues and the offspring have excessive energy that needs depleting rapidly; and you’ve been lamenting over the fact that you haven’t managed to get to the gym in the last three days, then this could be the best option. It’s a win win all round. Great for the memory bank.

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Les Bonnes Vacances

Love MLP