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MLP has been looking out for the best things to do in Paris this month. Paris is going to be besieged with football fans throughout June obviously, but it’s great to know what else you could be doing with your time. All the events on the list caught MLP’s eye and guarantee you a fantastic time in Paris in June. Enjoy!

News Flash

If you live in Paris, this is just a quick reminder that registrations to enlist you and your children into arts, music and drama classes provided by the City of Paris, are now open! You have until June 16 to submit your application, thereafter you will be notified with confirmation of your place. The spaces are limited, so successful submissions will be selected via a draw. All information can be found on the City Council website. (You may need Google translate!)  Great opportunity to sign up for something fun for you and your kids! You gotta be in it to win it! June 1 until June 16.

Euro 2016

The European Championships will dominate the month of June in Paris. With giant screens up at the Eiffel Tower and at Saint Denis, games at the major stadiums and a massive concert planned, it is going to be busy! There will be 12 matches in Paris in total and the city will be packed with fans!

For more information about what’s on check out this Euro 2016 post, plus you’ll find more links there.

The European Championships 2016 – June 10 until July 10

New-York – Paris Connection

Paris in June

From the beginning of June for a five-month period, these two major world cities, will be celebrating the cultural richness of the other. In a special programme called Tandem, Paris and New York will amplify the beauty and benefits of the arts by introducing an exchange. This trade of culture will cover every discipline from dance to gastronomy. The benefit to us here in Paris, will be an eclectic mix of New York inspired shows and  performances throughout the summer, including the New York Ballet!

The entire programme of activity can be found in the Press Kit PDF here but be warned, it is in French! If you happen to be reading this in New York btw – check out the Films on the Green, the outdoor movie festival which will broadcast French Movies only for a week in the USA!

Tandem, New York-Paris June 2 until October 31

The Push Bike Party

Paris in June

The Champs Elysees is closed for an entire day on June 5 so bike riders can pedal free all day! There will be a special circuit created for the kids (Petit Velib!) plus food trucks and lots of fun entertainment. You’ll find 400 Vélibs’ that can be used by anyone without registration too. All the info can be found on the 24h Velib Paris website. Have fun!

Le 24hr Velib – Champs Elysee, June 5 8am until 8pm

Play it Again Sam!

Paris in June

Oooooh MLP loves this initiative where hundreds of pianos just descend upon the city. Each one is essentially inviting you to tap on the keys and play to your hearts content! Play Me I’m Yours can be seen on beaucoup des rues around the city, but if you want to see an orchestrated show, then check out the 20 pianos that will be customized before your very eyes followed by free concerts at le Grande Halle de la Villette from June 22 – July 13.

Play me I’m Yours, from June 18 until July 13, Paris.

Fête de la Musique

Paris in June

One of the best nights in Paris, and one that should not be missed.

On this one special day of the year, street corners, bars, river banks, you name it are strewn with musicians, strumming and singing through to the early hours of the morning. It is like the city has turned every outdoor space (and some unusual indoor ones) into a stage, and openly invited loads of awesome talent to share their music with the world.

It is truly wonderful and will be happening all over France. It is the perfect night to welcome Summer. MLP found this reasonably good comprehensive program but you may find even better ones online. MLP will be doing a special report on the event which will be live soon. So stay tuned. Have a peruse of the previous MLP post on Fete de la Musique 2015!

Fête de la Musique, June 21, Paris.

Tropical Carnival hits Paris

tropical carnival


If you’re in the mood to watch the bright colours, fanned head-dresses and the brilliant dance moves inspired by the Caribbean and Latin America , then you won’t want to miss this. 1,000 dancers will calypso their way through the streets of the 3rd district of the city.

Carnaval Tropicale  – Leaving from Hotel de Ville, Saturday June 4 at 2pm. Parading until 6pm.

All Change at the Cinema

A special series of movies for kids will be shown throughout June and July this year. Each movie has been specially selected around the theme of metamorphosis and each one will be shown at 3pm.  26 films in total are on the agenda. From Beetlejuice to the Nutty Professor and ET! MLP reckons the films will be screened in English with French subtitles. Yay! The Museum of Cinema has a list of all the films and advises the age groups too.

La Cinèmathèque Française, 51 Rue de Bercy, Paris 

Phantom of Paris

Paris in June

If you haven’t yet been to the Gaite Lyrique then you should definitely consider checking it out. It is a fabulous venue. It’s positioned across from a playground and has the most huge and stunning café upstairs. Until July 29 there is some kind of haunted house experiment going on there offering a chance to explore some secret passageways! Apparently there are 4 parts to the expo which allow you to flit between illusion, fantasy and surrealism through to reality and hard truths. In the end, you can become a ghost! Sounds super weird but oh so fascinating!

La Gaîté Lyrique, 3a Rue Papin, Paris 3. Until July 29.

Paris Gardens open day

This is an annual event in Paris and presents the opportunity for you and your family to explore the most private of green spaces in the city. Parks that are not normally open to the public will be awaiting your visit on this special weekend.

The theme this year is colours, with gardeners positioned as the artists, creating a rainbow of flora and fauna for our viewing pleasure. There will be workshops and demonstrations to encourage some level of participation plus some free concerts.

All the gardens open in your area can be found on the Ministry of Cultures website.

Rendez vous aux Jardins – 3rd, 4th & 5th June.

Night time at the Zoo

Paris in June

Throughout June and July, Parc Zoologique will be open every Thursday night from 7:30pm until 1am in the morning. You and the family could take a late night stroll through the zoo and watch the animals sleeping or prowling in their surroundings during the night. Perhaps a late night picnic is your thing or an apéro. Whatever takes you fancy, this is indeed an unusual opportunity that might be worth a punt.

Parc Zoologique, Zoo de Vincennes, 53 Aveneue de St Maurice Paris 12.


This expo looks pretty amazing. It’s the work of Huang Yong Ping who has created these ginormous structures some of which resemble huge dinosaurs. immersed amongst coloured crates stacked to the ceiling. It’s meant to be all about the modern world and the power struggle that exists, hence the name Empire but to a kid it will feel like walking amongst giants!

Monumenta 16 – Empire at the Grand Palais until June 18.

Damon Albarn, The man behind the Gorillaz and front man to Blur back in the day, has turned his hand to theatrics again by creating a musical inspired by Alice in Wonderland! This modern day rock opera centres around an unhappy teenager, who escapes her misery at home and at school by logging into the digital cyber universe of ‘’. As the story unfolds, Ali, the main character takes us on her courageous journey of discovery.

The show is on at the Theatre du Chatelet which will shortly be closing for two years, so it’s a great opportunity to check out this historic Parisian venue., Theatre du Châtelet, 2 Rue Edouard Colonne, Paris 1.

The Grand Train

Paris in May

A pop-up experience that includes a bar, restaurant, garden and playground, has just opened for the hot season. You’ll find it at the foot of an old train station depot of SNCF. This temporary space is a mish mash of fun and has included markets, gardening space, concerts and more. Apparently there are plenty of surprises in store this year. It opened on April 30 and will be available for you and your family to explore until October 16. From 11am until 11:30pm – 26b Rue Ordener, Paris 18eme. Check out the Grand Train Facebook page for more info.

Movies under the Stars

Summer in Paris

Over three evenings at the end of June, the Parc at Saint Cloud is broadcasting 3 big films and guess what! It’s totally Free! Yay! The outdoor film thang is a big deal in Paris over the summer, so you should go and check it out. The theme for this particular festival is Sport – so get your diaries out, book a babysitter and make plans for the following dates.

Thursday June 23, Raging Bull by Martin Scorcese

Friday June 24, Coup de Tête by Jean-Jacques Annaud

Saturday June 25, The Big Lebowski by the Coen brothers

The films are shown at 10:15pm, so you might want to grab a couple of bottles of wine, a picnic blanket, beaucoup de sandwiches, salads and desserts and  make a night of it! The park is open for picnics from 7:30pm. If you drive parking will cost you €5 euroes.

There are a couple of short films being shown before each big movie, which look child-friendly, but overall Mama would say, this is one for the adults!

Movies under the stars, Parc Saint Cloud, Paris.

Workshops for the Kids

Ateliers are a big deal in this city! It is pretty impressive that Paris has such a rich and varied bunch of workshops happening in and around the city for kids. The only challenge a Mama in this town faces is which one to choose! Well, MLP has pulled together a pick of 15 hot prospects for you. But you have got to reserve your place so check out our selection of the best workshops for kids in Paris in June, now!

Paris through the Looking Glass!

Paris in June

Soon the new Alice in Wonderland movie is out! Alice through the Looking Glass is, unbeknown to us, being celebrated with a veritable feast of activities for kids in a place called Pavillion des Canaux. It’s a kind of creative space come eaterie come drinking haunt and looks pretty cool from the website.

Until June 17, this interesting venue has turned itself into a fun house for kids with various workshops, screenings and special dress up sessions. The schedule is packed with loads of fun things to do, including free activities. Some you have to register for others you don’t! Here is all the info MLP swiped from their website with all the necessary email addresses

Saturday, June 4 ♠ Terrarium Workshop
10.30-12.30: Workshop Terrarium for adults (65 €)
14.30-15.30: Workshop for children Terrarium (€ 35)
Subscribe to
All equipment is provided.

Saturday, June 4 ♠ Afternoon Wonderland
Do not be late! The afternoon begins at 14:30 in Wonderland.
15h-18h: Makeup Workshop (Free, registration
14h30-16h: Screening animated drawings of Alice in Wonderland for kids and big kids ( without registration)
18h-20h: Aperitif and croquet tournament at the waterfront (Free, registration

Sunday, June 5
From 15h
Happening Tea Party Alice
A musical journey at the water’s edge with a lyric singer, a belly dancer and a pianist … all on the terrace.

Thursday, June 9 ♠ From 19h
Alice Party: concerts, film, flash tattoos

Saturday, June 11 ♠ ♠ Afternoon Wonderland
Do not be late! The afternoon begins at 14:30 in Wonderland.
15h-18h: Makeup Workshop (Free, registration
14h30-16h: Screening animated drawings of Alice in Wonderland for kids and big kids ( without registration)
17h-18h30: Pastry Workshop Wonderland for children 8/12 years (10 €, registration
18h-20h: Aperitif and croquet tournament at the waterfront (Free, registration to

Sunday, June 12 ♠ ♠
14h / 16h – Stop-motion Workshop
Lila Poppins and Loïc Leroy will deliver you the secrets to bring to life the engravings of John Tenniel paper through the motion animation or stop-motion. Workshop registration by mail for 10 persons.
(10 €)

17h / 19h – Animation Game Grandeur Nature (2h): Decipher riddles contained in the White Rabbit’s House in a LARP game where no one is what it seems … If you do not mind puzzles, or gaming thoughts of losing his head come join one of the 4 teams of 4 in this animation reserved for over 12 years by registering by mail to (free).

Friday, June 17 ♠ ♠ 20h30-00h
Paint removal Alice goes to Paris Psych Fest
Boum psychedelic and wonderful cocktails!

And for the duration of the event: a cocktail menu, brunch, pastry … inspired by the Alice universe, stand merchandising Cinematheque, an ephemeral boutique Mk2 …

Pavillion des Canaux – La Villette. 39 quai de Loire, 75019 Paris. Tel: 01 73 71 82 90

From the Vault


by Ami Cadugan

Don’t forget to check out the Barbi Expo if you haven’t been and the Paul Klee Exhibition both of which have had rave reviews. The James Bond show is a winner too and don’t forget the new Villette playspace for kids

and finally…

Fête des Tuileries is back. From June 25 until August 22. The second largest fun fair in Paris is back in town folks! 8 weeks of fun funfair rides, music and candy floss, right in the centre of Paris. No cost to enter but some rides will mean parting with a few shekels  – but who cares – it’s the Summer, it’s Paris and it’s fun!

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