Inspiration for Paris in May 2016

Fun ideas for you and your family to enjoy Paris

May has finally arrived, accompanied by blue skies, floral displays, the sunshine and fun galore! Here is some of the best, that the city has to offer this month.

Champs Élysée Pedestrian Day

Oooooooh this is great! Your chance to wander along the worlds’ most famous street without having to worry about cars! Take scooters, push bikes or just stroll from the Arc du Triomphe to Concorde. Own the street people! It’s your day! This day (May 8th) and the first Sunday of every month for the foreseeable future. YaY!

Anyone for Tennis

Roland Garros serves up two weeks of tennis from May 16, presenting a fabulous chance to see some of the world’s greatest players in action. MLP did give you the heads up to get tickets back in March, so hopefully you got lucky. If not, don’t worry, they often release tickets nearer to the date so you may still have the opportunity to grab some seats. If you can, try and get tickets for kids day – it really is great fun for the children. Here’s MLP’s previous coverage of the event to give you a flavour of what’s on offer.

Free Opera Weekend!

Paris in May

Yes Mamas, May 7/8 sees the beautiful operatic buildings of Paris open their doors to the public for FREE. You get to see rehearsals and have access backstage. Plus you get the chance to participate! So if you are ready to unleash your inner Placido Domingo, ,then this could be the opportunity you have been waiting for. Each venue is offering something slightly different so check out the website for more details. Each Opera House in the city is participating.

The Brittany Party

Celebrating all things Brittany – there is, during this month, recognition of this region all over France but especially in Paris. A whole catalogue of events is happening, predominantly in the 15th district of Paris, from May 14 to May 22nd. MLP has struggled to establish why this is exactly happening but feel free to check out the dedicated site of the event with all the details for your perusal.

The Eighties  – Photo Expo!

Paris in May

Think back to the era of Madonna, Michael Jackson, The Jam. Pop to Soul, Heavy Metal to Indy Pop? If that was your era, then perhaps take a stroll to this free photo exhibition ‘bigging up‘ the eighties era of style, fashion, and music at the Pompidou. 60 works from 20 artists. Keen to bring the expo to life, The Pompi Press Team said…

“Multiple, elusive, painful, capricious, as light-minded as they were serious, and still too near, the Eighties – taken to be the apogee of postmodernism – are heterogeneous and paradoxical. In France, it was a crucial decade for photography, both as artistically and institutionally”

Eh! Errrr what? Translation s’il vous plait?

MLP would just like to say “the eighties were cool” and leave it at that! On until May 23.

Free Sports for Women

For quite a few years now, Paris has dedicated a day to encouraging women to participate in Sport. It’s an initiative, that involves the city offering free sporting activities to women on one day of the year. So May 7 is the day ladies! There are over 30 activities offered in over 10 different sporting genres from martial arts to yoga. Find out what’s going on near you.

Plastic Puppets

Plastic Puppets

A rather intriguing show of theatrics is on this month, just outside the peripherique à Paris. The dancers are made of plastic and orchestrated by a plethora of fans around the stage. Apparently there is drama, a complete story, told in the most unique and unusual way. This visual poetry, as it is described, sounds pretty amazing. Find out more on the Nouveau Theatre, Montreuil website. There are special shows during the day for kids. From May 18 until June 4.

Toy Story

If you love finding collectible toys then you might fancy checking out this event on May 22, in the 17th district of Paris. Cars, trains, dolls, soldiers in their thousands will be on sale at this event at the Palais du Congrés in Paris. If this is your cup of tea then enjoy! It’s called Toymania– click for all the info.

Night at the Museum

Paris in May

Free nights at the Museums in Paris Yay! Once a year the cultural institutions of the city, fling open their doors and welcome the public in droves! Take advantage and discover some of the beautiful art and culture in this town for no money whatsoever! Obviously, you’ll have to think strategically about which art houses to go to – will it be the Louvre or Palais du Tokyo maybe? Either way, make your decision, stick to it and get there early. It’s a wild night and definitely not to be missed. Here are the full listings of all the Museums taking part in the event, and if you want to know more about it check out MLP post from last year. It’s on Saturday, May 21st.

Neighbours Day

The strangest but also possibly the most brilliant idea  especially for expats, takes place this May in Paris. Once a year, Paris encourages neighbours to break bread and drink wine together. Tenants sharing the same apartment block, gather in a communal space bringing food and good cheer, and basically get to know each other. It’s a cool concept although it can understandably be a bit nerve-wracking if you don’t know anyone – but it can also be fun. save the date Friday, May 27 – and be a part of what’s going on in your community.

The Paul Klee Expo

Paul Klee

Ad Parnassum

Already reviewed by Super Mama Jen for MLP, this exposition at the Pompi has been inundated with visitors. Super popular and great for kids as well as adults. Read the full review to consider adding it to your bucket list.

The Barbie Show

Paris in mayA great opportunity to get to know every facet of this global phenomenon. Perfect for a girlie day out. Already reviewed by Super Mama Ami C – check out her opinion on the site. Definitely not an event to be missed.


Paris in May

MLP needn’t go on about the urban culture scene here! However, MLP is absolutely loving the idea of what is being dubbed the first Parisian urban art festival throughout the water! It takes place on May 21 and May 22 and flows between Canal d’Ourcq and Canal St-Denis. It’s totally free and you and your family can watch and discover the e work of over 30 artists. It will no doubt be an experience. Find out more on the Festiwall website.

The Grand Train

Paris in May

A pop-up experience that includes a bar, restaurant, garden and playground, has just opened for the hot season. You’ll find it at the foot of an old train station depot of SNCF. This temporary space is a mish mash of fun and has included markets, gardening space, concerts and more. Apparently there are plenty of surprises in store this year. It opened on April 30 and will be available for you and your family to explore both outside and inside the depot, until October 16. From 11am until 11:30pm – 26b Rue Ordener, Paris 18eme. Check out the Grand Train Facebook page for more info.

A Creative Festival for Children

Paris in MayThe 4VENTS (the four winds) is an annual festival that takes place every year in Paris. It is designed for children aged 0 – 11!  This event which, takes place solely in the 4th arrondissement of Paris is on from May 20 until May 29. It’s a brilliant initiative with each performance and or workshop positioned to offer up to children, the joy of theatre and the arts, in this particular neighbourhood.  The kids will definitely love it. Check out this video to get a flavour of what’s on offer.

Th 4VENTS  website has all the info. There is a small fee and you have to book in advance.

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Enjoy Paris in May!

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