Parks in Paris this Summer

Until September 3rd, 16 parks in Paris will stay open for 24 hours. In the words of the soul star and musician Lionel Richie, Paris parks in key districts around the city will be open ‘All Night Long’.

So what does this mean Mamas?

Late night picnics? A romantic rendezvous with the love of your life? Wine and laughter under the evening sun with friends? Babysitter on speed dial?

Oui,  all of the above, plus some late night playtime for the kids. Pourquoi pas mamas! It’s Summer in Gay Paree n’est pas!

Our sources tell us that the reason behind this 24-hour open park initiative is, and we are quoting here “to adapt facilities to the needs of city-dwellers and to their schedules.”

Not only that! Security teams are being deployed to patrol the parks and ensure the safety of all citizens!

C’est parfait!

Here’s our map of all the parks

Don’t forget the wine cooler and stemmed glasses!

Love MLP x

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