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Discover the best Paris Streets with MLP

Looking for some great Paris streets to explore but need a bit of guidance? Here”s the thing, Paris Street of the Week is designed to give you a sneek peek at some of the City’s most interesting Rues. MLP thought it would be fun to bring some of the most interesting streets to your screens so you can get a feel for what some of these special places have to offer.

Paris is full of them, so each month, there will be a video directed by Super Mama Annette Foland, produced with the help of NY Mama Ami Cadugan and presented by London Mama, CJ Parry. This is the first time MLP has created something like this and we really hope you like it and find it useful in your search for things to do in Paris.

Our first street is Rue Bourbon Le Chateau – a tiny street in the 6th arrondissement of Paris.

MLP loves this street because here you can find, wine, food, perfume, ceramics, a vintage shop and a great café on the corner, plus a fabulous shop selling every type of Olive Oil you can think of! Not all the venues made the cut in the final edit but hopefully our video will give you just enough detail for you to consider venturing there.

MLP would like to thank all of the retailers who allowed us to film them and their stores: Henri Le Roux, Polmard, Le Dépôt – Vente de Buci, La Dernière Goutte, Le Labo and Galerie Salon.

We hope to tell you more about the ones who didn’t appear in the video – over the coming weeks.

Please comment, your feedback is essential to ensuring we get it right and if you have a street you would like MLP to explore for you then email us at or add it to your comment. Give us a like at the bottom of this post if you think it’s good and subscribe to get these posts and more direct to your in box. Oh and subscribe to our new You Tube channel.

Special thanks to Cyril at Polmard who was so very helpful.


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