Pollution is rife in the city right now and the Government is taking it seriously.

In an effort to curb the ongoing problem that has been headline news for the last week, drastic measures are being put into place. As of tonight (Thursday March 13th) all public transport will be FREE, until Sunday evening. This includes all metro, RER, tram and bus networks.

The Government hopes motorists will ditch their cars and take advantage of the new measures, to help the city reduce emissions that have led to high pollution levels in Paris.


The City of Paris has also announced that Vèlib, the bike hire service, and Autolib – the self-hire electric cars, can be used for FREE for one hour over the weekend. There will also be free residential parking!

It is an initiative that throws further weight behind the city’s eco policies and gives pressure groups good reason to persist in their mission to keep the subject high on the Government agenda, as Paris tackles pollution.

So enjoy your weekend as you explore the city for FREE!

Love Paris, Hate Pollution

MLP xx

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