Comedy in Paris bringing laughter to non natives

When you move away from your country of origin, to make a new life in a city like Paris where – let’s be honest, settling in can be more than a little challenging; one needs some comic relief to take the edge off the experience non?

So MLP was thrilled to have the chance to see some live comedy in English last Friday, that promised to have expats throwing their head back with laughter and Mama Loves Paris was totally game!

Accompanied by two U.S Mamas, MLP headed to the attic of a beautiful building in the centre of town! After walking several flights of stairs – which was hard going – we arrived breathless into a dimly lit intimate space, under low hanging wooden beams, with a stage at one end, a bar at the other and rows of red chairs in between.

Comedy Night Paris

The queue was long as was our excitement, to see two shows back to back. The first was a new venture called WTF Paris, an hour-long show that struck right at the heart of what pains expats about living in this city. Cleverly, the scene was set like an AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) morphed into an Anglophones Anonymous meeting. Comedians from London and America came to the stage, introduced themselves and told us how long they had been in Paris, then each let rip on some of the things that really frustrated them about living here. It was brilliantly done and extremely funny, but the audience participation element was the real piece de la resistance! 

AA Comedy Amber

When the charming host, Amber Minogue (above)  invited the packed audience to yell out their angst and throw out anything that required discussion  – they were not disappointed. The MLP crew and fellow spectators did not hold back.

Comedy Night Paris

The food is too small” someone cried, “The bureaucracy is too much” I found myself saying “Too much poop on the streets” another person groaned! The list grew extensively and we watched with delight as the comedians tackled each one in turn! Gotta say, the collective relief amongst the predominantly expat audience was shown in the screams of laughter as our hosts showed comic flair and excellent wit with verve. It was fun.

Comedy Night Paris

The second Show New York Comedy Night had a lot to live up to after WTF Paris. With cocktails and beers in hand we settled in for another hour of joyous fun. About 6 or 7 comics took to the mic, to entertain us on anything and everything. They came from France, Ireland, London even Egypt and staged a 5 minute or so gag fest for our enjoyment. The idea was great but some of the comics weren’t quite so funny. A couple really stood out though Sebastian Marks and this fabulous Egyptian comedienne (pictured above) were superb! Jonathan, a London comic was great too. The comedians rotate so you never know who you’re gonna get.

So what did the other Mamas think?

Sebastian Marks

Sebastian Marks

If you want to vent your frustrations about daily Parisian living in a “non-threatening” environment, then settle into their couch (actually cushy chairs) and get ready to vent. WTF Paris should not be missed. It’s more fun than a session with your therapist, less expensive and drinking is strongly encouraged! A win-win for all!” Super Mama Ami!

It was surprisingly cathartic and an uplifting experience. An intimate venue filled with bright and lively expats and Parisians alike. Next to How to become a Parisian in one hour, WTF Paris is a comedy must see for all those living in Paris” Super Mama Annette

A fun evening out for sure and apparently there is a great restaurant in the building, so you could grab a meal there if you want and make a night of it. No snacks at the bar! #justsaying

A big thank you to Antoine who runs the night, for inviting Mama Loves Paris. He has a third show also called Les Bilinguals which has comics changing language at a push of a button. You can check that out to at

WTF Paris and New York Comedy Night: Every Friday at SoGymnase, 38 Boulevard de Bonne Nouvelle, 75010 Paris.

WTF Paris is FREE with a drink at the moment and starts at 8pm. NY Comedy Night costs €10 for the first twenty people in the door, then goes up to €16 per person. It starts at 9:30pm.

It’s a blast.

Love MLP

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