The Hashtag that is spreading the love about Paris

Since the attacks in Paris a month ago, the City of Light has faced an unprecedented backlash. #Parisweloveyou is now being used in retaliation. The events that took place in this beautiful city has hit the tourism industry, amidst the growing fear that the city is under threat. Hotel bookings are down, airlines are experiencing a fall in bookings, expats living in the city are considering leaving and nervous visitors are rethinking their plans.

Paris has been on security lockdown since November 13 and every effort is being made to ensure that the residents and visitors to the city of light feel safe. Across the city, armed forces and police remain exceptionally vigilante as the City of Light remains on high alert!

In the face of this challenge, a new initiative has been launched to remind the world that Paris is still indeed a beautiful and safe city to visit. To deliver this message to the masses, Paris administrators have enlisted the help of social media.

Instagrammers, Tweeters, Pinners and Facebookers have been asked to add the hashtag #ParisWeLoveYou to photographs, in an effort to show the world that the city is indeed united in the wake of the recent terrorist attacks.

In an act of solidarity that has admirably called every citizen in the nation to act – the response and the reaction to the request has been phenomenal.

Here are some of the images already garnering media attention across the internet.

A photo posted by Paris (@topparisphoto) on

A photo posted by Paris (@paris_maville) on

This one below, may not have had the same media attention – but MLP just tagged a recent instagram shot 🙂

If you use any social media to show your photos of Paris, please use the hashtag #Parisweloveyou to help support Paris in its campaign to get the appeal of the city back on track.


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