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Brilliant idea, delicious food & very high standards.


Are you looking for a wonderful restaurant to enjoy in Paris? MLP might’ve found the perfect spot.

Hey Mamas,

Whilst searching for a great place to dine with a friend who loves French food and was visiting Paris, MLP stumbled upon Paul Bert! A traditional French restaurant that, as it happens, is a much-loved spot for Parisians. 

This, however mes cheries,  is no ordinary restaurant. When we arrived on this quiet street in the 11th arrondissement we spotted the restaurant on the corner and eagerly made our way inside. This small little resto was open plan, had a chic bar café style combo, a pretty hip clientele and modern decor. It was also packed. See pics below.

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The waitress asked if we had a reservation. Of course we did! But she could not find our name amongst the many on her list! She said that perhaps we had booked the other restaurant! “Other restaurant!” MLP retorted. “There’s another Paul Bert on this street?” “Oui” came the reply.

My friend and I stared quizzically at each other – thinking the idea absurd that two restaurants of the same name be on the same street – how confusing we thought!  We ventured up the street and there a few steps away was indeed another Paul Bert – much bigger, full to the brim with diners and very traditional! It felt like we had gone back to yesteryear compared to the other place. Heavy wood dominated the tables & chairs, compared to the contemporary  design of the Paul Bert on the corner. Blackboards instead of freshly printed menus were perched on the tables, the food included homemade shepherds pie instead of Gnocchi with a french twist! Trés different!

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So this is where we had reserved a table! Curious, we asked about the other Paul Bert and we were told.

“Oui! This is the Paul Bert bistro serving traditional French cuisine, Paul Bert 6 is the modern restaurant (on the corner) and we also have a Fish only restaurant at number 22, further up the street”

Far from being absurd, the idea of three different types of food in three restaurants with the same name sounded like a genius idea – PLUS  what we haven’t mentioned is that the street is also called Paul Bert! Oui! Rue Paul Bert! Love it!

But the concept alone is not the only reason to visit this food haunt. It is the standard and quality of the food itself. Having now eaten in two of the three – MLP has yet to get to the fish only Paul Bert restaurant but MLP can confirm that the food, service, wine and overall experience at Paul Bert was super fantastic. So good that MLP has now been twice.  Hopefully you can see from the gallery of pictures how stunning the cuisine looked and it tasted equally fabulous.

Perfect place for romance, or taking friends. Intimate or not it is a brilliant way to show off what you know about Paris and where great eateries can be found. Not only that it is in the coolest part of Paris – the 11th. So many great drinking haunts nearby and a lively atmosphere on the streets of this Paris district not far from Republique.

It’s a winner.

Paul Bert, 6, 18, 22 Rue Paul Bert, Paris 75011. 

Love MLP
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