Perfume – Essential tips from Paris!

MLP recently took the free guided tour at the Museum de Fragonard in the centre of Paris. For those who don’t know Fragonard is one of France’s original perfumeries with a history dating back to 1926. The brainchild of a Parisian lawyer, the brand was named after the painter Jean-Honore Fragonard, himself the son of a master perfumer.

The brand is much-loved by the French and has positioned itself as the ‘go to’ place for ascertaining knowledge about perfume! Hence, the guided tour.

While waiting about twenty minutes for an English-speaking tour guide (couldn’t do the French version – not proficient enough yet!) it was a chance to take in the setting of Napoleons old town house, which has housed this tour since 1985.

When the flustered tour guide finally arrived after already completing two tours, we were on our way. Up the spiral stair case and on a journey through the history of perfume. It was super informative and we learned some essential info….

  1. The word perfume is derived for the Latin word per which means through and the word fume which means smoke.
  2. Perfumes are made up of essential oils – the essence of which contributes to the smell.
  3. The higher the level of essences in your scent, the better the quality and long lasting effect of the perfume.
  4. Eau de Toilette has just 10% of essence, Eau de Parfum has between 15 – 20% and  Perfume, the most expensive, has as much as 40%.
  5. Once bought, never leave your perfume in the bathroom! The condensation reduces the potency and can take up to a year off its shelf life – who knew?
  6. Most Eau de Toilettes last for about a year but perfume can last for up to three years if kept in the right conditions.
  7. Aluminium containers help a perfume last for longer. Glass is used because its cheaper and looks better!
  8. Most women have at least two different scents! One for day and one for the evening! And sometimes additional perfumes that fit with the season!
  9. Always spray it on your pulse points, wrists, neck and behind the ears and behind the knees too. The more concentrated the scent the less you need and this is refelected in the size of the bottle the scent is packaged in.


With this wealth of information you should be good to go! And can we just say, if you are in Paris and need to get some Christmas gifts for friends and relatives then head to Fragonard because the products are fab little purchases and the prices are really good. You can get something adorable for as little as 8 euros. Worth the trip, promise.

Happy Shopping

Love MLP x

Musée de la Parfumerie Fragonard, 9 Rue Scribe Paris