Last Nights Secret White Dinner Party in Pictures

So after MLP posted last night about Dîner en Blanc, to make sure you were in the loop about this secret dinner, it just felt right to investigate further! Especially after seeing several people wandering around the 6th arrondissement dressed head to toe in white, carrying picnic tables and champagne! They definitely knew where the party was at! Following these various sightings and an ‘anonymous’ tip, MLP got into full super sleuth mode and headed to where key evidence had suggested, the said event would take place.

If you want to know more check out our  story about the event and how to get invited at Dîner en Blanc. But for now, here is where it took place last night, outside the Louvre in two separate locations and outside the Palais Royal.  It was all going on!

It looked like so much fun! MLP is planning to be there next year! But who will invite us? We’re working on it!

For more information about the story behind Dîner en Blanc read our previous post

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