Paris backs the gay community

The Marais district in Paris is nestled within the 3rd Arrondissement and it’s one of the hippest parts of the city. It’s the district for the liberal-minded, who love the easy-going, culturally mixed tribe of dwellers and visitors, who have made the Marais their home and place to shop, eat and play.

This is also the quartier where you’ll find the hub of the gay community, who have placed their stamp on the area. It’s a part of Paris that forms a stark contrast to the more straight-laced and traditional districts in the city. You’ll find gay bars and clubs of course, but what’s so strikingly apparent is the freedom of expression here. There’s little of the homogeneity you might see elsewhere in Paris. In the Marais, you see individualism… self-expression and it’s so refreshing.

Recently, however, there has been some controversy which has led to rainbow colours being splattered all over the newspapers and online.

In a nutshell it’s Gay Pride tomorrow, a huge event in Paris that’s been going for years. This year to support the occasion, ‘rainbow‘ pedestrian crossings have been painted on many of the roads throughout the Marais. However, on seeing these new additions to the district, a bunch of vandals have defaced the “rainbows” by scrawling various insults against the gay community.

Outrageous we know (sips tea! ☕), but signalling a show of solidarity and support for this neighbourhood and its inhabitants,  our Paris Mayor has shot back at the haters. In no uncertain terms, Anna Hidalgo has declared that the ‘rainbows’ will no longer be temporary, but PERMANENT! Way to go girl! 💪🏽

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 It will be a “positive message” and a “welcome signal” to all Marais visitors. Hidalgo says.

Her tweet said”Paris is a city of refuge that embraces the Republican values of freedom, equality and fraternity. In order for these values to be recorded forever, the rainbow pedestrian walkways created for Gay Pride will be permanent!

Even since she made this statement, more “rainbow” abuse has ensued. With scrawls of graffiti declaring that we are living in an”LGBTQ dictatorship” and that the Mayor should be relieved of her duties!

Paris Tourist Office – Amelie Dupont

Well, the good news is that now you’ll always be able to see “rainbows” while you’re in Paris, just head to the Marais district. And…you’ll know the story behind them. Plus, it’s great to see the city stand up to the dissenters who should be careful, as there may be ‘rainbows’ popping up everywhere in Paris if they don’t put their spray cans down.

MLP loves the rainbow initiative…Allez Allez Paris!🌈

The Gay Pride march starts at Place de la Concorde at 2pm on Saturday June 29th,  then progresses along Rue de Rivoli, past the Louvre, and then to Place de la République where the revellers will be partying all night long.

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