Mama Loves Paris is super excited because last night…(drumroll),  we launched our very first secret soirée!

Yes people, MLP thinks it is time to explore different sides of Paris, gather wonderful people together and have a super fun experience.

We experimented with the concept last night and were joined by 14 wonderful Mama’s who agreed to be our special guests for the evening.

MLP obviously doesn’t want to give too much away – or it wouldn’t be a secret! But suffice to say, the evening involved discovering something new in a different environment, in the presence of very informed and influential French people.  It was fun, engaging and really enjoyable…well, that’s what the Mama’s told us! They had a great time.

It was also so rewarding to just let our hair down and be free of responsibilities momentarily. Pourquoi Pas!

Why not indeed! Mama Loves Paris wants you to take part in this experience too. Take advantage of  the opportunity to have a new type of Parisian jaunt and allow us to be your host.

All you have to do is subscribe to Mama Loves Paris and  you could have the chance to be invited to a wonderful unforgettable Parisian soirée. Numbers will of course be limited but if you are a Mama who loves Paris or who wants to love Paris, then this could be great for you. It is a wonderful opportunity to bring together Super Mama’s from around the world who are living the ‘expat’ life in Paris and ready to fully embrace it.

Click the button here to subscribe. (NB: All addresses are just kept with MLP, NEVER shared!)

We are so looking forward to the next escapade and would like to thank all the gorgeous Mama’s for attending last night and giving the MLP Secret Soirée’s the green light! You know who you are and here are some of your smiley faces:)

DSC07490 DSC07448 DSC07446

Have a great day

Love MLP x