By Nour Loufty – Guest Writer Mama, from Egypt, living in Paris.

“Asking for help has never been easier” 

If you are living in Paris it can sometimes be difficult to workout how to access services you really need. Well, super mama Nour Loufty,who just moved to Paris has  discovered a useful app that could change your life! Read her brilliant recommendation and make life easy!

Wonder about where to find a babysitter? Want to sell your old TV? Or even exchange a pair of shoes? Look no more Mamas! Stootie is here to the rescue.

A relatively new App, Stootie offers  a user-friendly platform for several interesting services. It’s like classified ads that you can access easily on your phone. Buyers and sellers in your locality use it to connect to each other, making finding local help much easier.

You start by creating your profile and specifying your arrondissement.  Then you ‘create a mission’, where you post what service you are looking for. You set the price you want to pay, and then other interested users near by will give you offers. You accept, and bingo! There is your new tennis partner, your daughters’ new French teacher, a local handy man, used-bike or whatever you need – everything is covered.

You can also sell items, exchange, or even give away stuff. Alternatively, you can  answer ads, make some money by offering your own services and get your skills rated as you do so.

The main drawback for some of you will be that Stootie is in French, but don’t let that stop you.You can always post in English or use google translate! Someone out there will understand you! Give it a try and see for yourself,  they already have over 64 000 users, and it is totally free.

I use it and wanted to share it with you all.

Click here to download the app (Google play and Apple store)

Thank you Nour.

Please let MLP know how you got on with the app by commenting.