Thirty odd years ago, a young man travelled from Japan and made his way to France. The purpose of his journey, nous ne savons pas (we do not know) but the result has been an enchanting pleasure for Paris.

Sushi in Paris

Shinsaku Sukeno is the man behind Tsukizi. A tiny sushi bar, in the 6th district of Paris which he has been running for the best part of three decades.

Despite the many Sushi places in the city, we have it on good authority from Japanese Super Mama [wb_fb_f name=”mayumi sugiyama” id=””] , that most of these restaurants do not serve great Sushi. She tells us that the Sushi in Paris has been altered for the European palate. As a result she has not yet tasted much authentic Japanese sushi, similar to what she would find in her mother country.

MLP invited her to join us for lunch at Tsukizi to get her opinion.

Sushi in Paris

The restaurant is nestled on a tiny little street between Mabillon and St Germaine. There is a bar, which can seat about 8 people and a couple of small tables in the back. It is super-cute! The visual display of watching these Sushi Masters in action, is incredible. Their culinary and creative skills in preparing and presenting the food are indeed exquisite and add to the experience of being there. The ambience is so still and quiet. The focus being solely on the chefs and the food like, the fatty tuna, octupus, salmon and so much more.

Sushi in Paris

We had a 20-euro lunch menu, which included the most delicious Miso Soup ever!

Sushi in Paris Sushi in Paris

Mayumi performed a quick blessing before tucking in! Eyes-wide we could tell she was impressed. She spoke Japanese with the chef, enjoyed the food and seemed comfortable, like it was home from home.

Sushi in Paris

Nodding happily throughout her lunch she confirmed that the food was indeed authentic. She was happy and so were we.  One tip we learned from her was that in Japan, the Miso Soup is not drunk before the main meal, it is sipped with it!

So, if you want to experience authentic sushi in Paris head to Tsukizi.

Arigatou Mayumi and Shinsaku Sukeno.

Love MLP xx

 Tsukizi, 2 Bis Rue des Ciseaux