Tea Lichou

A café for kids in Paris

MLP heard on the grapevine about a petite child-friendly tea room, somewhere in the 5th district of Paris; and being pretty much curious about such things we decided to investigate. To ensure MLP could come to a balanced opinion and write a fair review of this venue, taking the kids was essential.

Tea Lichou appealed to MLP because sources had revealed it was a colourful tearoom with swings designed for little people, amid plenty of other stuff to keep them thoroughly entertained. It sounded like a recipe for perfection as far as a slightly stressed out parent – in need of time out whilst with the kids – was concerned.

To add a challenging ingredient to the mix, MLP arranged to meet a friend in the hope that the kids would be so excited and preoccupied with said entertainment, that a peaceful chat over tea and cakes would ensue. cafés for kids in Paris

The three of us (8-year-old twins et moi) located Tea Lichou, with the help of google maps, on a quiet unassuming little street in the 5th.

The 5th is home to the fabulous: Jardin du Plante, The Natural History Museum, The Mosque Spa, PantheonInstitute des Monde Arabe and Rue Mouffetard, the original home of the esteemed author Ernest Hemingway.

But, I digress!

On arrival, the impact is instant. The salon is a veritable feast of colour and mismatched furnishings including cartoon images strewn across the ceiling.  Three adorable swings hanging next to a long wooden table, opposite shelves packed with books and toys, engage my excited offspring immediately. Games galore!

kid friendly cafes in Paris

The ceiling!

Without waiting they hurl themselves onto the swings and take little notice of anything else for a while. They are far too excited to even notice the hopscotch etched into the floor! cafés for kids in Paris My friend and fellow Mama is seated quite happily in the section that resembles a 1970’s living room. A couple of armchairs and a retro coffee table fill the space, against a wall adorned with empty frames,  perfectly positioned to keep an eye on the boys whilst the two of us sip coffee and chat. cafes for kids in Paris The place is incredibly charming right down to the antique style tea-ware that our beverages arrive in. There is no doubt that Tea Lichou it is designed with kids in mind, but there is also a keen eye on shabby chic style and an intent to excite and inspire the little people. This is clear not only from the decor but also from the choice of cakes and drinks on offer plus a whole selection of old style candy. cafes for kids in Paris

The most ingenious discovery is their commitment to making cookies on demand. As you order, they are freshly made and arrive warm to the touch.

Somehow we manage to lose two hours of our time in this magical space. It’s easy-going and so much fun for the boys. My friend and I manage to have a lengthy chat without too much interruption, which doesn’t aways happen, so I put that down to the clever design and resources at this salon!

cafes for kids in Paris


In a surprising retreat from the swings, the kids eventually opt to sit on the high stools to partake in a little drawing, however they gave the venue an 8-year-old thumbs up, and confirm that it’s a place they would love to come to again! In their words…

“It’s so much fun mum and the cookies were yummy, kids will love it here”

A brilliant find and one that you wouldn’t know about unless you knew about it! It’s not a place you would stumble across, you absolutely have to know it’s there – like so many other hidden joys in this city.

MLP recommends it as a great place for a little downtime for you with entertainment for the kids. Don’t expect Michelin star rated food, although the cakes were very nice. But do expect a lovely time in a very kitsch, family friendly Parisian salon de thé where the kids are at the centre of the experience.

A café for kids in Paris that delivers.

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Tea Lichou, 7 rue Broca, Paris 5th. Telephone: 09 81 02 10 83 Open Tuesday to Saturday from 11:45 to 18:30. Tea Lichou will be closed from Sunday, August 14 to Monday, September 5.

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