We have 4 family packs of tickets to give away for this weekend.

On Saturday 30th May in Paris, you and  your brood can take part in a groovy little festival designed for families. It’s called the Mini Weather Festival and it is packed with tonnes of fun things to do with the children. Designed to appeal to the little bears as well as teenagers, the agenda is full of options likely to appeal to any kid who has ‘fun’ listed as their most favourite thing to do and that includes the ‘kid within’ Mamas!

MLP is a big lover of festivals. Having taken the children to Camp Bestival in the UK, grooved the night away at Glastonbury on many occasions and driven with tent in tow to the UK’s Big Chill – this event just feels right. So what do you need to know?

  • It’s a one day festival that starts at 12pm and ends at 8pm
  • The event takes place by the River Seine (see map)
  • There will be a whole host of Dj’s playing live.
  • Activities will include:
    • A Roller Disco.
    • Voguing dance classes  (Unleash your inner Madonna!)
    • DJ Mixing school.Atelier_DJ_Mix
    • Urban Art school.
    • Painting to music whilst blind folded…LOVE!
    • Circuit Bending! Creating sounds using wires and gadgets.
    • Hat making with all sort of accessories provided, plus a fashion show.
    • Street Fishing on the banks of the Seine.
    • Tight rope walking!
    • A parent operated carousel!…and so much more.

Weather Festival

The hub of the activities take place on a boat anchored on the River Seine in the 12th Arrondissement, as well as the River bank nearby. It looks like so much fun and perfect for a family day out. The family ticket packs include two tickets for adults – the kids under 16 go free anyway!. The tickets cost €5 per adult so they aren’t super expensive but it’s nice to be able to be treated like a VIP and have your name on the guest list!!

So if you would like a family pack of tickets, please answer the following question.

What is the French word for Summer?

Everyone who provides the correct answer will be put into a hat and the lucky winners will be selected and announced on Thursday evening. FYI, this Mini Weather Festival for families is the precursor to a three-day full on festival taking place in June. In factPeinture_rythmique, when you look at their website you’ll see details of many events – but this is the one that the kids will love. Check out all the information here at the Mini Weather Festival.

Send us your answers via email to mama@mamalovesparis.com, or write it in the comments below, on Facebook or Twitter.  Whichever method you choose, do it now and don’t miss out on this great giveaway.

Love MLP

(who is so excited about sharing our first giveaway)

The Mini Weather Festival, Bateau ‘Concrete’ & Quai de Seine. 69 Porte de la Rapee et Gare de Lyon.