I don’t mind the rain in Spain but in Paris, it sucks

by Ruby Brown

Do you remember that song? Ann Peebles, 1973? It’s a great song and one that I can’t actually get out of my head right now because of this relentless rain!

This endless torrential downpour over the city is driving me to insanity, I mean what is going on?

We are meant to be basking under the sunshine around this time of year, it is June after all, but instead we are drenched, soaked, ankle deep in puddles and fighting against the elements like some kind of David versus Goliath battle!

I know they say that Paris looks beautiful whatever the weather  – but given the current circumstances I  beg to differ!

Even the most beautiful capital city in the world has its limitations. The thing is you can’t even see the city. The rain blurs our vision, the clouds are heavy and dark so it’s difficult to see clearly, and to top it off our hoods and umbrellas are obscuring our view! Plus the Parisians don’t need any more reasons to look miserable!

The only saving grace is that the deposits, left by the city’s’ little four-legged natives, are regularly washed away!

Visitors to the city will be mightily challenged when the weather is like this, and the temptation to stay in-doors must be ever so appealing.  I mean, what does one do, when stepping out the door means donning wellies, galoshes, gloves and an umbrella? Where does one go in such an outfit whilst wading through water? Where will one put ones ‘garms’ when said destination is reached? It’s difficult for one, let alone an entire family! All feels like far too much hassle.

The Louvre is worried about the art in the basement so they’re shutting up shop to clear it all out and the Musée D’Orsay is closed too.

Usually, a stroll by the River would be appealing but you can forget that option, the entire River Bank is flooded. Only an inflatable dingy could provide the necessary means of transport to take in the scenery along the Seine, which I would wager does not look that pretty right now!

Rain in Paris

Berge Street

It’s a bloody nightmare! Look at it! You can see from the pictures!

The kids are suffering from cabin fever as the schools keep them inside all day. They are practically bouncing off the walls when they get home as well as soaked from the walk back to our apartment!

I know what you’re thinking! It’s Paris! How can one complain about such a beautiful city!

Well it’s dripping wet, cold and miserable and quite frankly sometimes one just has to have a moan!

Maybe MLP can come up with some fabulous ideas to cheer me up, but the only way me and my offspring are leaving the house for anything other than school, will be if a few wild horses pull up outside and drag us out into the city against our will!

Feel so sorry for people who have had their homes and businesses affected by all of this.

Hurry up sunshine, I just can’t take this anymore.

Must book flights to Spain!

Love, a disgruntled Mama in Paris

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Love MLP