The Presidential Election

If you have been gripped by the US Election, then no doubt you are going to be watching, as the results unfold on the night of November 8. You may opt to stay home, or throw or attend an election party à chez vous.

But if you don’t fancy either of those options you might want to consider joining one of the many venues around the city offering election night vigils.

Here is a list of the all the places we found where you can watch the US Election in Paris.

  1. Election night Carreau du Temple – an all night election fest – free at the start.
  2. Les Ondes might be an option if Maison Radio France is packed – it’s a resto across the road!
  3. Harry’s Bar has its election night tradition of a straw vote. There is a summary about it on Le Figaro but it’s in French! Desolé
  4. Meet Up Election Night at The Highlander organised by the Franco-Americans Meet-up Group.
  5. Democrats Abroad Youth Caucus  – check out their Facebook page for information.
US Election


6. We understand that some of the American Women’s Group in Paris are attending: Maison Radio France

7. Republicans Overseas – sign up for their newsletter to read where they are meeting

8. CNN will have television coverage through the night as will Fox News and France 24! (stay home option)

9. The Belushi Bar at Gare du Nord is hosting an event.

That’s all MLP has been able to uncover s far. Please add any further locations in the comments if you find them.

On a personal note, MLP has been watching this American soap opera unfolding since the beginning. It has been gripping and shocking in equal measure. MLP is hoping that America makes a decision that is  worthy of its position in the free world. Having lifted the lid on the deep-rooted ideology of the extreme right, an outcome that provides this faction with more power, is a fearful one indeed. Here’s hoping that Trump is “pardon-moi….French Toast” the night after the election! Soon, we will see.


Love MLP