A guide to some of the best cafés in Paris

Mama Loves Paris is delighted to welcome back Wanna Feel Local who are hot on the food and drink scene in Paris.

Do you have a day off? In need of some ‘me-time’, catching up with friends or just craving a good cup of coffee? The team from Wanna Feel Local brings you their top 10 places, where you are guaranteed an excellent coffee in Paris.

Paris has been subject to a true coffee revolution with great coffee shops popping up in popular neighbourhoods like Pigalle and the ever-invincible Marais. Trained barista’s, often from coffee-loving nations such as Australia, have come to enrich the Parisian coffee scene and we’ve listed (in no particular order), some of our favourites, but of course there are many many many more! (www.wannafeellocal.com/local-coffee).

1. Coutume Café

Top ten cafes in Paris
Located in the fancy 7th arrondissement, Coutume Café is a peaceful haven. The atmosphere is ultimately relaxed; great decoration, the staff is super friendly and the coffee is delicious. Besides several delicious pastries, a great brunch and lunch menu is offered as well, home-made and with fresh ingredients. In the back, a large table provides an excellent space to work and you’re free to use the wifi.

Coutume, 47 Rue de Babylone, 75007 

2. KB Cafeshop

KB Cafeshop is the place to go for your connoisseur shot of caffeine. CoffeeKB cafeshop is considered an art in here and it attracts a very international crowd, which happily spends an extra euro for a proper latte. Their excellent espresso – with balanced sours, next to bitters – shows their commitment to offer great coffee made of selected beans only. The assortment also includes a decent selection of smoothies, juices, cookies and muesli’s.

KB Cafeshop, 53 Avenue Trudaine, 75009 

3. Strada Café

Strada cafeOne of the indispensable acquisitions for the coffee scene is Strada Café. Both locations serve delicious and aesthetic attractive coffee, as well as breakfast, fresh juices and healthy brunch/lunch options using fresh products only. But also the freshly home-baked goods, like ‘fondant au chocolat’, are not to be missed. One could spend an entire day here, blending in with locals and wandering tourists looking for decent coffee. Strada Café also makes an excellent place for working, with its relaxed background music and free wifi.

Strada Café, 94 rue du Temple, 75003 and 24 rue Monge, 75005 

4. Loustic

Café Loustic is one of those places where you could stay all day. The staff is more than friendly and helpful in making sure you’re at ease. The decor of the place is Lousticrather funky and a little hipster; patterns all over the place! The food is also worth trying; decent breakfast is served, and also some very tasty viennoiserie and sandwiches to fill your appetite. Definitely worth a shot (of espresso), when you’re in the neighborhood or visiting Le Centre Pompidou close by. Loustic contributes to the specialty coffee scene with pride!

Café Loustic, 40 Rue Chapon, 75003 

5. Café Oberkampf

Cafe OberkampfIt’s fresh and it’s crispy new! We could even still smell the paint, which was soon blown away by a delicious carrot cake scent coming from the oven. Irresistible. The place is bright, as are the people working in it. Coffee is delicious and healthy breakfast and lunch options are available, making sure you will stay at the café a long time. A great addition to the specialty coffee scene in Paris!

Café Oberkampf, 3 rue Neuve Popincourt, 75011 

6. Ob-La-Di

The more coffee we have in Paris, the more we love the new coffee revolution. Ob-La-Di is a perfect example of a coffeeOb-la-di place that makes you happy: the name makes you want to sing, as does the tile floor. The staff is young and cheerful, music’s playing and life is great. And so is the coffee. And the avocado toast, which is becoming Ob-La-Di’s trademark it seems (and rightly so, it is delicious!). Stop by at Ob-La-Di for in between-shopping coffee or meet up with friends to make sure your day starts out right.

Ob-la-di, 54 Rue de Saintonge, 75003 

7. Le Peloton Café

Peloton cafeLe Peloton Café is still quite new to the coffee scene, but has become one of our favourites immediately. The two guys ruling the shop are more than friendly and are always up for a chat. Whilst they’re working on their latte art skills, the coffee is very good and so are the freshly baked cookies and pastries. The location is perfect and central, one step from Rue de Rivoli, so it’s often on your way somewhere. Make sure you stop here to refuel and try this place!

Le Peloton Café, 17 Rue du Pont Louis-Philippe, 75004 

8. Café Kitsuné

Cafe KitsuneCafé Kitsuné is a winner because of its location. In the beautiful gardens of the Palais Royal, this café is something else. It’s small and narrow, hardly any seating inside, but the gardens are your terrace. Several tables are available outside, so you can enjoy the peace and quiet of the Palais Royal. Superb! Plus, the coffee is super delicious and good cookies are on offer.

Café Kitsuné, 51 Galerie de Montpensier, 75001 

9. Boot Café

Boot cafeIt’s tiny and it’s lovely! Based in an old ‘cordonnerie’ (shoe repair shop), the Boot café has place for about four people, and maybe 8 in summer if you’re lucky. The main barista is from Japan and he is very dedicated. His focus when making coffee is admirable and the beautiful results he presents a little while later are even more admirable. Coffee Beans are imported from Five Elephant in Berlin, and several special blends are available at different times. Little goodies from Bob’s Bake Shop are at hand to complete your coffee fest. Perfect spot for a coffee break when strolling around the Marais or when visiting the newly renovated Picasso museum.

Boot Café, 19 Rue du Pont aux Choux, 75003 

10. Ten Belles

Ten BellesIn case you didn’t trip over tons of other cafés swarming the lovely Canal St. Martin area, make sure to walk the extra block for this one. Ten Belles is, like more coffee shops in Paris these days, a tiny café with Australian roots, close to the canal itself; selling delicious coffee and snacks ‘sur place’ or to go. It’s small, but cosy and perfect for meeting a friend. Two little seats outside the shop make the ultimate place for hipster people watching and enjoying great coffee; otherwise taking a coffee to go alongside the canal is a must.

Ten Belles, 10 Rue de la Grange aux Belles, 75010 

Thank you Wanna Feel Local for this brilliant comprehensive list of cafés in Paris. Cannot wait to check them all out. If you want Wanna Feel Locals’ tips on restaurants in Paris, read their last post on MLP!

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