Summer Weekends in Paris – June 30-July 2nd

The weather report suggests a cooler climate for the weekend ahead, but despite the clouds and the rain, a fun weekend in this city can still be high on the agenda. Supporting out 75 things to do in Paris this Summer post, this is the third post in our commitment to you, highlighting some of the best events, expos and activities you and your family can enjoy throughout the summer season. Before launching into the top 5 tips for the next three days, do check out our recent radio show, where we cover even more inspiring suggestions for the summer.

Here goes…..

Musee de L’homme

This exhibition about race caught our eye for this weekend. It’s taking place at the Musee de l’homme in the 16th district. The museum itself reopened not that long ago and it’s a beautiful cultural spot in the heart of Paris. The content of the expo explores the issues relating to and analysis of, racism in the world today. Heavy subject matter admittedly but thought-provoking nonetheless. The expo investigates the cultural differences between us and how those differences, manifest themselves to create divides. Definitely worth checking out and perhaps an inspired cultural experience for the kids. MLP will definitely be visiting.

Paris Carnaval Tropical

By now you’ll know that Paris lurves a festival and this weekend is no exception. This Sunday the city is bringing a tropical theme to the streets with the Paris Carnaval Tropical. Now in its 16th year, the event is a key date in the Paris calendar. Imagine the Carnival in Brazil meets the London Notting Hill Carnival and you’ll be able to vividly imagine what to expect

Colourful headdresses and costumes plus plenty of calypso, soca and other Caribbean music, are set to accompany the dancers and musicians, visiting from every continent, as they salsa their way through the streets of Paris this Sunday. Paris is anticipating over 200,000 spectators this year. It all kicks off at the Champs Elysées, from where the performers will sashay along Avenue Georges V to the roundabout, before shaking their thang back down the same stretch. Starts at 1pm.

Fete des Loges

Saint Germaine en Laye is a pretty village on the outskirts of the city and for the last 4 centuries – yep, hundreds of years – it has put on this event. 200 attractions extending over 200 hectares of forest land have been erected for blissful family fun and entertainment.

Expect fun fair rides, ghost trains, fishing, shooting stands and all the usual games and play spaces typical of a fairground attraction. It is the most famous fair in Ile de France and one of the biggest in Europe, packed with eateries too, so sustenance will not be a problem. Definitely worth the short journey out of town. Open from Friday, June 30th until August 20th. Open Monday to Friday from 3pm and from 2pm on the weekend. All details can be found on the Fete des Loges website

Paris Eiffel Jumping

Horse jumping is not MLPs thing, but there are plenty of you equestrian lovers out there who will appreciate this event taking place at the Eiffel Tower this weekend. This global competition is in its 4th year, includes teaching spaces, entertainment and even bookshops to read up and learn everything you need to know about horses. All this, alongside the actual horse jumping event that is likely to pull a crowd of over 2,500. Best to book your places online to get a seat. You’ll find all the info you need on the Paris Eiffel Jumping website. It’s on from June 30 until July 2.

The Fountain Shows

This has been on the MLP agenda for while. Every year at Versaille throughout the Summer, the fountains at Versaille are synchronised to perform to a score of classical music. It’s an evening event that is stunning in terms of choreography in a beautiful setting and backdrop. It’s on until August on Saturdays and Sundays. Find out all you need to know on the Chateau Versaille website

Plenty of options for you this weekend but for more check out or 75 hot tips for the summer and peruse other featured posts on the site including the best parks, picnic spots and pools.

Bon vacance

Love MLP